AirJoi Charcoal Bags Review and Buying Guide 2022

AirJoi charcoal bags are made up of activated bamboo charcoal. This is an eco-friendly, effective and chemical-free solution for freshening air. AirJoi bags are charcoal-based air purifiers that is a good way to remove odors and moisture.

For having the most health benefits, use Airjoi charcoal bags and keep healthy your whole family along with your pets. No more extra power supply bills in addition to what you need.

What are AirJoi charcoal bags?

AirJoi is a renowned company that makes the finest nature fresh activated bamboo charcoal bags in the market. They have been selling their products for years. The bags are made to purify the air from dirt, pollens, mold, allergens, pet litter odor, stinky shoe smell and so on.

Things to Consider When Buying AirJoi Charcoal bags

If you’re thinking to buy AirJoi Charcoal bag then this helpful, unbiased buying guide will help you to make the right direction.

Amount of Bags

Different people have different types of residence and cars. A larger room will have a larger volume of hair. Excess air leads to excess dust to be handled. The situation could be worse if the house is near a highway. Multiple doors and windows will also let dust in. Therefore, it will be wise to consider the amount of bags before buying. The equation is easy. The larger the volume of air, the more bags are needed.

Should Contain Only Pure Charcoal

The study has shown that only pure charcoal does its job the best alone. Adding extra ingredients will decrease its efficiency. Plus we need to trap the unwanted particles. It is not wise to mask the odor. The active charcoal doesn’t act like air fresheners.

Check for Any Kinds of Leakage

Activated charcoal is not poisonous but it will leave stains on the floor or other places if it is torn somehow. Adding extra holes in them is not wise. Leave them to their manufacturing state.

Manufacturing Date

We know that charcoal can be reactivated by putting it under the sun for a couple of hours. But the longevity will decrease with time. Not only for this product, but we should also always check for the manufacturing date before buying.

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AirJoi Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag Review and Buying Guide

This is an excellent product to clear up the air. Charcoal bags contain activated charcoal in it. Bamboo is cut into pieces and then burnt at high temperatures with less oxygen. This is how activated charcoal is made. Then pieces of coal are then kept in a linen bag. Activated carbon has millions of tiny holes in them.

The holes trap every unwanted particle like dirt, pollens, mold, cat litter odor, excess moisture and so on. Air with dirt goes through the holes of linen bags.

The color is grey. This is a standard color to match with almost everything. Keep it in your house or car, it will match up with.

After using it for about one month, the activity of the charcoal decreases gradually. This won’t work like before. To solve the issue, you don’t need to refill the whole thing. Just keep the pack under the sun for a couple of hours.

The ray of the sun will reactivate the charcoal in it. Strong sunlight is good for this purpose. If the light is dimmer, then you may need to keep it for more hours. This is how you can solve the issuer without any cost.

The purifying system will need no electricity to operate. The battery is also not required. No rotating part is attached with it. Therefore, no buzzing sound comes out of it. You can stay calm along with the product. There is a metal ring at the upper corner of the bag. This will help you to hang it with something. You can also attach a rope to tie this thing up. It can also be used by just keeping them in the closet.

After using this for more than two years, you may consider changing it to a new one. Don’t throw this in the recycle bin. If you have a garden, mix it with soil to improve its quality. The thing is nontoxic. Therefore, you can use it in the presence of children and pets.

Key features

●        Excellent odor and dust eliminator

●        Activated bamboo charcoal is used here

●        Can be used as a humidifier

●        Eco-Friendly chemicals are used

●        No harmful chemicals are used here

●        Attached hole to hand it everywhere

●        Can handle multiple environments

●        Fabrics used here is made of linen


●        Both purifying and humidifying properties at the same time

●        No electricity required

●        Can be easily adjusted with any kind of decorations


●        May require more bags to cover up a larger area

●        Needs more time to clean compared to air purifiers

Airjoi charcoal bags Legit or Scam?

Yes, It’s legit. This works perfectly to remove all kinds of unwanted stuff from dirty air. Both organic and inorganic particles are handled by it. Although we know that the advertisement demands a lot about their own product, we need to adjust with the information they give to us.

Are Airjoi bags worth it?

Yes, you can count on that. They are worth buying. You just need to give it some time to get used to it. As we know, no moving parts are attached with it, It could take some time if the handling area is larger.

What do customers say about airjoi air freshener?

“WORKED GREAT!!!!!!!! Used it in two rooms, not in the 3rd room. I wanted to see if I would smell the difference. There was a big big difference. I couldn’t smell the thick mucky stale air in the rooms that had the bamboo charcoal air purifying bags.”

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Does AirJoi remove dust?

Yes, it can remove dust from the air. The dust enters into the system through a linen bag and passes charcoal medium. The charcoal has a lot of pores that absorb the dust and keep them in it. The fresh air leaves the bag.

Where can I buy AirJoi charcoal bags?

AirJoi charcoal bags are available in almost all marketplaces, specially renowned supermarkets. You can also buy it via an online platform. Home delivery is possible. Check the manufacturer’s website about the availability.

Is Airjoi safe to use?

Yes, they are safe to use. It contains no harmful chemicals. Only natural ingredients are used here. Keeping them beside kids and pets is totally safe. Just make sure that they are not torn and moist. Try to change it with a new one after using it for two years.

Does Airjoi really work?

Yes, it really works. This product can successfully remove dirt, pollen, mold, cat litter odor, and other organic and inorganic chemicals that are mixed with the air. You can also use it as a humidifier. Make sure that the bags are not very old.

What is the active ingredient in AirJoi charcoal bags?

The active ingredient used here is activated bamboo charcoal. The charcoal is specially made in the presence of insufficient oxygen. For the best performance, no harmful chemicals are used here.

How does AirJoi activated charcoal bags work?

The main ingredient here is activated bamboo charcoal. It is a porous medium. This acts like a sponge to suck up the unwanted chemicals to give you fresh air like you are hiking in the woods.

Final thoughts

Airjoi charcoal bags reviews will make your day. This is what you need in your home and car to have a fresh environment. As it is a natural product, it will not pollute our environment. Give it a try which won’t bother you.

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