Top 5 Best Bamboo Charcoal Bags for Pet Odors in 2022

Pet waste smell is some kind of annoying thing to feel. You love your favorite pet but have to suffer for that. To solve the situation here comes the best bamboo charcoal bags for pet odors so that all the foul smells can be swiped away from your home and other places that are needed.

Things to Consider When Buying Bamboo Charcoal Bags for Pet Odors

Charcoal bags are one of the most important things to kill pet odor. When it comes to purchasing charcoal bags, you should know exactly for what purpose you are buying. Even then you have to consider a few things to get the right charcoal bag for making your house odor-free.

Choose the right ingredient

For generations, charcoal has been used to control all sorts of odors from stinky places. Cats and dogs are domestic animals now. Their urine and feces smell need not run all over your place. Active charcoal has the ability to suck up the organic smell and keep them in that charcoal bag for your good. It’s natural stuff to use that saves your family and pets.

Choose the size of the bag

It is obvious that a larger bag should contain a lot of charcoal that will cover up a larger volume of air for eliminating pet odor. If you fail to have a larger bag then the option is to use smaller multiple bags. To fit into smaller places, you need smaller bags though.

Should not contain toxic chemicals

We need to keep the bag in our house. Babies and kittens have sensitive skins. They should be treated carefully. To do this do not bring any hazardous chemicals into your house so that they won’t suffer.

Check the date of expiration

It is good to use fresh charcoal bags. The store could have bought those bags in earlier years for customers. Therefore, read the manufacturing and expiration date before buying it.

The package

It is convenient for the customers to buy such packs that will cover all their needs. In the case of a larger house with many rooms and a closet, buy such packages that will fulfill your requirement by keeping the budget minimum. Double-check the packaging so that they are properly sealed and no damage is done.

Our Top Picks

Review of The Best Bamboo Charcoal Bags for Pet Odors (Buying Guide)

Our research is always to help you out to bring you the best product. Read on to discover our top 5 recommended picks for the best charcoal bags for pet odor on the market!

MOSO NATURAL Original Air Purifying Bag

MOSO bag is well known for its manufacturer that makes the finest quality pet odor purifying bags. These multipurpose bags can absorb pollutants and excess moisture. Only activated bamboo charcoal is used here as the main ingredient.

It is not wise just to hide the odor. The problem should be solved from the root level. Activated charcoal targets the odor-making particles and absorbs them into the charcoal pores. Ordinary bags just cover the odors by fragrance.

Successfully covered up 90 sqft area with one bag. Metal holes allow the bag in any small space. They can successfully be used for up to 2 years. Just activate them under the UV rays.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Pure bamboo charcoal is put here
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Can be put into small places
  • Biodegradable and eco friendly

Customers Opinion

“I’ve lived in my home for nearly 30 years and the guest room has always had a stale smell. I’ve used all kinds of air fresheners but nothing eliminated the odor. I hung Moso bags in the room and the staleness is completely gone. It’s wonderful to find a solution that’s both affordable and chemical-free!”

VZee Nature Fresh Charcoal Bags Odor Absorber

VZee Nature Fresh Charcoal Bags Odor Absorber in 24 Hours. Here premium bamboo Charcoal is used which has more absorbent capacity. Mega savings pack consists of 8 Bags and each bag is 200g in weight. It’s an effective money saver pack. 8 strings are supplied for easy hanging purposes, saving you from the hassle of buying.

Place bags in areas with bad smells. The active charcoal will do its wonders by working all the time for absorbing bad smells. They are effective for bathrooms, bedrooms, room closets, kitchens, laundry, gym Bags, cigarette smoke remover,  pet urine odor absorbers, and new car smell eliminators. Every bag covers areas of about 100 sq ft.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Comes with 8 piece packages.
  • Harmful chemical-free
  • All shorts of smell remover

Customers Opinion

“Yes, It’s extremely effective in absorbing stinky shoes odor. You will notice the difference within a couple of hours. Each Bag is 200g, which is much more effective compared to lower weight bags. You can also use it in shoe rocks with multiple pairs of shoes.”

PINK RHINO LABS Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag Odor Eliminator

PINK RHINO LABS Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag Odor Eliminator is made of complete Moso bamboo charcoal. It helps to fight bad odors & other toxic substances.

This is a naturally renewable resource for homes and useful for basements, bedrooms, deodorizing kitchens, bathrooms, and pet areas. Toss one in your gym bag to keep it free of odors and excess moisture. Activated bamboo charcoal consists of millions of holes which is scientifically proven for reducing airborne substances.

Charcoal bags are packed in a durable material that lasts for 2 years. They are easy to rejuvenate. Place the bag in the Sun for 2 hours per month. This process removes all odors that charcoal bags have absorbed.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Durable packaging facilities
  • Completely removes odor of pets

Customers Opinion

“Placed one in my linen closet, and one in my car. Work great absorbing odors. My house smells fresh and clean. Will buy more for the rest of the closets.”


HOME LABELS Charcoal Bags Odor Absorber is used for ages for purifying air from pet smell. The ancient solution & with modern technology gives us a cool product to keep home free from unwanted odor.

The bags use the best quality bamboo charcoal that contains no harmful chemicals to breathe. Each weighs 200g for convenience.

Reactivate a charcoal bag every month and place it in the sunlight for a couple of hours to off-gas odors that charcoal bags have absorbed.

Bamboo charcoal bags eliminate odors from the litter box, home, car, gym bag, and even closets. Get yourself an activated charcoal odor absorber pack that gets the job done right and supercharges the air you breathe.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Successful odor eliminator
  • Bamboo charcoal is the main chemical
  • Versatile uses

Customers Opinion

“I am very impressed with how the charcoal bags odor absorber eliminated the musty smell in my basement living areas. Within a couple of days, the musty odor was gone. I am so pleased with the results that I have purchased another 6 pack for my upstairs living areas.”

New Vision Pro Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

New Vision Pro Charcoal Air Purifying Bags declares the safety of your family and pets against harmful deodorizers and air purifiers by keeping the environment odor-free from pet smell.

Bamboo charcoal bags are organic and chemical-free that contain good quality pure Moso bamboo having more pores. If you are tired of epic fail Pet-odor eliminator and don’t know what to do with the musty smell, then this is the best solution.

Bamboo Charcoal is more porous than normal wood charcoal, which increases its effectiveness by removing the musty smell of pets and other stuff. Keep them in the basement, the kitchen, bedroom, closet, car, workout room, fridge, sump room, and bathrooms.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Moso bamboo active charcoal consists here
  • Nontoxic for your family and pets

Customers Opinion

“I hung the charcoal air purifying bags in closets, bathrooms, hallways. It really works. The charcoal bags absorb odor from cooking smelly food. The areas with charcoal bags are odor-free. Great!”

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Are bamboo charcoal bags safe for pets?

Yes, bamboo charcoal bags are safe for pets. These bags use only one material and that is activated bamboo charcoal. This is a natural thing to use. Beware to keep them in a safe place where children and pets can’t have the bags.

How does bamboo charcoal get rid of the odor?

Activated bamboo charcoal has millions of tiny pores in them. Air with odor particles enters into the filter media then extracted by charcoal and pure air leaves the bag. The odor eliminator keeps them in it. At the moment of UV rays reactivation, the smell is eliminated from the open air.

Does bamboo charcoal remove odors?

Yes, bamboo charcoal removes the odor. Active carbon sucks the odor from the source. Keep them where you find the maximum odor. Compared to other stuff, we find activated bamboo charcoal to be the most effective to eliminate all sorts of nasty odors.

What is the best charcoal Odor Eliminator?

There are many kinds of charcoal bags available in the market. Therefore, it is difficult to identify which one is the best one. Something you need to know about charcoal bags. There are different types of fabrics. Among them, the linen bag is the best so far. They have many holes in them. Air can easily enter them. The main ingredient in the bag should be activated charcoal. Activated charcoal should be free of any other chemicals, like any flavor or preservatives. The package should last long, otherwise, you may need to exchange them from time to time.

Final Thoughts

The odor from pets can swing our mood all of a sudden. The best way to solve this situation is to change pet litter as soon as it gets dirty. On these busy days, some of us often try to mask them up with air fresheners. But this is not a permanent solution. Best bamboo charcoal bags for pet odors will help you the best at this point.

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