Best Place to Put Air Purifier | The Ultimate Guide

Finding the best place to put air purifier is the key to maintaining the air quality in your home. These ideas play a vital role in removing unsafe pollutants. But placing it in the wrong place may impact its ability. In this case, do you want to know where would be the best place to put on an air purifier? Before plug in the air purifier into the electrical outlet, let’s find out the answer and some useful tips to get the most advantage from it.

Find the best place in your bedroom to set an air purifier

Looking for a suitable place in your bedroom to get the most benefit? We would say keep a minimum recommended space from the bed. The better space would be 6 to 10 inches. It is also essential to point the directional registers towards you. If the distance gets closer than six feet, it may feel your draft. Conversely, a longer length than 10 feet will interrupt you to get the full advantages of breathing clean filtered air. However, there have some air purifier model for centre of the bed room. The centre air purifier can ensure the best air filtration.

But, it may not be possible for several restrictions. In those cases, it would be better to set up the air purifier with a 360-degree angle. You are also welcome to set a purifier 6 inches away from the wall as it will be a better option.

At the same time, if you are looking for an air purifier that can be set in your bedroom, ensure that the model has a “sealed system.” The feature is essential as it not only separates the fresh filtered air from the dirty air but only offers clean and fresh air to breathe.

Do note, it is recommended to keep on the air purifier for half of 48 hours. If you find something noisy, then use the cleaner with a maximum setting while you are out of the home at the day time. Remember to fix the purifier setting with low position when you will go for sleeping.

An ideal place to set a purifier in a home to get the most advantage

If you have a free-standing air purifier, the first thing you have to consider is the best location for an air purifier is? Likewise, finding a best place to put an air purifier in the office is also a bit hard job?Well, the expert’s said to place the air purifier in the maximum polluted location.

For example, most of the parents are appreciate to set purifiers in their babies’ rooms to feel them comfort. As their internal organs and immune systems are still developing, they are at greater risk of experiencing allergic reactions or respiratory issues from harmful contaminants; an air purifier is vital for them.

We know that air purifier in the bedroom is a common location. Because most of the people staying in their room for a vast time. So, you can enjoy the best relaxing night with an air purifier in your bedroom. Do, you know about where to place the Dyson air purifier? Most individuals love to set their Dyson air purifier in the living room to get the most out of it. As everyone spends considerable time here, it will be a great option to place the best air purifier.

On the other hand, the bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms that produce the most pollutants and odors. These rooms are also responsible for providing bacteria and mold growth. In this case, if you are searching where to place a Dyson air purifier? These places will be appropriate. If you put the Dyson air purifier closer to the odors or pollutants’ source, you will get more purifying air in your home. 

Along with mold growth or the spread of bacteria in a bathroom or humid kitchen, it will be the best place to put winix air purifier where smoking is permitted. Tobacco smoke not only stains the walls and other objects but allow second-hand smoke to achieve other areas of the house.

If you still can’t decide where will be the right place for you, you should install a whole-house air purifier. In this system, the air purifier will be connected to the air ducts in a home. And which will work for keeping clean whole house. But there has a problem with this method. You must have to expense a lot of bucks.

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Is it will be helpful to set a purifier on a floor or table?

After choosing the best room and place to set the air purifier, and the question comes to mind is, can I put my air purifier on a table or the floor? Or can you put an air purifier on the carpet? Good to know that it may vary depending on the purifier type. Because, there have some models, you need to set up on the floor. And another few models are perfect for the centre of the room. However, it is recommended to be placed squarely on the floor, but you have to careful as it can cause a trip hazard for children in the house.

On the other hand, you can get the best filtration when you will place it on the table. But still, check and read the instructions manual from the producer is the best way to choose the place. It is essential to know where they recommend putting a particular model to get the best result.

Is it essential where you set an air purifier?

It is crucial to pick the ideal place to get the full benefit of it. Never put an air purifier behind the furniture and below the shelves.Almost every air purifier includes an intake close to the front of the machine, so it requires seeing the entire room and having entrance to the several airborne elements that have run rampant. 

How many rooms in the house should be fitted with air purifier?

The shortest answer is you don’t need a purifier for every room. But you should consider some FAQ before making a choice.

  • The number of rooms you have in which you regularly occupy and want to clean?
  • The air quality of air that you need relief for?
  • Room size to pick the correct model of purifier

Where in the room should you place a Purifier?

After choosing the proper room for the purifier, it’s time to select the room’s correct spot. The perfect place in the middle of the room will get 360 degrees to offer fresh air without any furniture obstructing. However, most parents set it on its area as the air purifier can pose a tripping hazard both for young and kids.

Another best place is near the wall. Again you have to ensure that furniture won’t block the purifier. But if you a smoker, then we recommend you place it behind a chair or couch where you regularly sit as it will allow the air purifier to more efficiently remove the tobacco smoke from the room.

While putting the purifier close to a wall, you have to ensure that the intake vent faces toward the room’s center. Even placing it close to the extended walls in a rectangular-formed room will be more helpful. Besides, you have to avoid both obstructing the intake and discharge vents. If you keep the duct open, it will work properly. Maintaining a minimum of two feet of a gap around all sides will be an ideal decision.

If someone has a little place for putting up an air purifier, in this case, experts suggest picking an air purifier with a discharge vent feature on top of the unit. It will allow you to place against the wall as well as the intake vent facing outward.

How long can I continue air purifier?

It depends on the model, type, and design of the air purifier you will pursue. Many people think that a purifier can be operated only for 2-3 hours to make the job done. However, most of the manufacturer designs their air purifier so that you can use it for a long time without being switched off. We know that pollutants can occur from several sources. For example, the open window, human dust, pollen, etc.

One factor you have to remember that they enjoy best filtration who are keep on their purifier for at least 8 hours. To be honest, you should follow the user manual to get a clear idea about how long the specific model should be operated.

Some tips for increasing the efficiency of an Air Purifier

Along with placing the purifier in the right place, some great ways will help you maximize its effectiveness.

First of all, make the doors and windows shut down. As the air conditioner, the purifier is also less capable of purifying both the room’s air and outdoor. Before shut down the windows and doors, ensure that the room has proper air circulation. Adequate air circulation not only lets more air to reach the air purifier but help to fresh the air efficiently and rapidly.

On the other hand, placing your air purifier near other electronics is also not suggested as it may interfere with specific items like televisions, microwaves, and stereos.

Good to know that an air purifier can perform best if it will be in a proper maintenance. Many air purifiers use some kind of filtration system to help eliminate pollutants from the air. Thus by collecting the debris, these air filters become blocked. As a result, air purifier becomes less effective. Besides, it is better to check the instruction manual regularly. It is helpful to learn how to deal with dirty filters.

What Air purifier will be good?

Choosing the type of air purifier is as vital as determining the exact place for it. Some specific models are designed to remove mold and bacteria, while others only remove dust and pollen.

So, it is essential to figure out the pollutant type. The most basic kind of purifiers is:

  • HEPA purifiers
  • Negative ion
  • Ozone
  • Activated carbon
  • Ultraviolet lamps

Every purifiers brand offer different technology to clean the air at home. The HEPA filter is the most popular choice among a lot of options. HEPA filters are also available in furnaces and air conditioners. Specially, these types of filters can remove up to 99.97% of particles more than 0.3 microns. Using these HEPA filters, you can trap mold and bacteria along with pollen, dust, pet dander, and other debris. Though the only down back of HEPA air purifier is if it uses different technologies, it may not remove odors, chemicals, or gases.

In this case, if you want to remove odors and chemicals, you have to choose an activated carbon purifier. There are lots of HEPA air purifiers available in the market that has activated carbon layers for extra purification. Mainly, activated carbon filter includes tiny pores that not only enhance the absorbency of the filter but allow it to trap chemicals and odors.

The feature also helps to eliminate larger particles as well, like pollen and dust. Even an activated carbon filter system may not be adequate to completely remove these larger contaminants. Therefore UV technology is also used in purifiers. Rather than remove airborne particles, it kills harmful viruses and bacteria.

Sometime, the air purifier can radiate UV rays from the Using a UV lamp system. It can execute microorganisms, including germs. To catch airborne pollutants, UV purifier also includes HEPA and activated carbon filters system.

On the other hand, a negative ion purifier uses chemicals to purify the air. Generally, the ions can contain positive charge or negative charge. So, the air purifier discharges these ions to draw airborne particles. While the elements connect to the ions, they get too severe and fall to the floor, windowsill, or wall.

As they don’t dispose of the particles, Negative ion purifiers are less capable than the other options. Besides, they only make the elements too weighty to remain in the air. The last selection is an ozone air purifier. Most health specialists suggest using these air purifiers as exposure to ozone may improve the risk of asthma attacks and lung injure. Finally, to get the best effect, you should choose a UV air purifier with activated carbon filters and HEPA. This air purifier includes a multi-stage approach to clean the air and eliminate even more air contaminants.

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Some useful tips that help to place Air Purifier

Use the purifier as a Security Guard.

However, people are not familiar with this trick but it’s quite helpful. If you use it with gate speaker then you will get best benefit. So, put it close to a doorway into another room. So, it will both clean the air and eliminate harmful particles before they can reach the room! For instance, if you have pets and you are allergic to it, let put the air purifier by the doorway leading to the bedroom.

It will keep you from the cat’s dander, hairs, or adors before getting into the room! It will perform as a security guard and throw the contaminants out before they can enter! But you have to make sure that the front is facing the spot reverse to where your bedroom is. Let’s make it easier to discover. Justgo into your bedroom doorway and then meet the bedroom. The area that you’re back facing is the exact spot where the purifier should place.

Keep the Air Purifier Away from Small Electronics

Another great tip is to keep small electronics away from the purifier. Usually, a purifier is classified as an element of the “small electronics,” and they don’t survive well with other small electronics because of this. The critical thing is the air purifier’s work on wavelengths with other small electronics.

Other machines also can control the same wavelength. So placing a purifier close to the other electronics on a similar wavelength can cause interference for both of them.

You should avoid placing air purifier close to the electronics like

  • TVs
  • Microwaves
  • Stereos

Conclusion: Purifying capability directly connects the best place to put an air purifier. Though you are welcome to set it, whether you want, placing it where you spend most of the period will significantly help you get the most out of it. Besides, you should avoid placing it close to the wall to ensure long-lasting service. Hopefully, you get all your desire information. And now make a proper decision to enjoy a healthy and fresh life

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