10 Best Water Filter for Limescale in 2022

Calcium in your water may cause several health issues. Water that contains too much Calcium may hamper metals, tools & accessories washed.

We need to be concerned about how Calcium containing water can ruin our kitchen accessories & the taste of delicious coffee. In that case, the best water filter for limescale can save your day.

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What is Limescale?

It’s a chalky, hard deposit that consists of a large amount of Calcium Carbonate. Calcium builds up inside boilers, kettles & pipework for hot water. You can find similar deposits in the inner surfaces of old pipes & surfaces where hard water is evaporating.

What are the effects of limescale on your life?

We find both good and bad effects of limescale on our life. They are mixed with water and soil for our benefit.

Good effects

Calcium and Magnesium are good for our health. Natural spring waters contain the proper balance of these minerals to help our body. Limescale in small amounts doesn’t harm us.

The main element of our bones and teeth is Calcium. Lack of it can decrease the longevity of the skeleton. Sometimes we don’t get the proper amount of Calcium from our daily food. Limescale can help us with all these benefits.

Bad effects

Limescale is a large amount that can dry up human skin. For bathing with hard water, use a good body cream or oil. It can increase the consumption of cleaning products.

The washing machine can be ruined. Limescale can trace tapware all over the house. The lifetime for electricity gets shorter. Oxidation in pipelines happens. Glitters of stuff get dull.

The Best Water Filter for Limescale (Reviews)

1. Hardless NG3 Whole House Water Filter and Water Conditioner

The system gives the household a need for water supply through all the taps all day long. The process depends on a five-stage water filtering system. You can easily reduce the amount of arsenic, odor, and waste particles from the supply of water. The main water supply system can be handled by it.

In that case, you need not to buy a couple of small filters for the whole house. This compact water system is proven to be effective to maintain the purity of your household water supply system. The water conditioner & sediment filter will help to prevent the effective buildup of water spots & soap scum.

The price of the water filter is comparatively low and goes on for a long time. Your skin and hair will be damage-free and save the cost of medications and cosmetics. A little amount of soap and shampoo will be enough to have sufficient foam for cleaning purposes.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ It can take care of your skin and hair Water pressure may drop after using for a while
+ Compact in design
+ Comparatively economical with others
+ It’s very easy to clean
+ Ideal for the whole house water filter system
+ Gives clean and fresh water

2. Aqua Optima Fridge Water Filter Jug for Reduction of Microplastics

It improves the flavor of the water. If you filter a batch of water with it & then you can add more reservoirs on the top. Pour out the filtered water & the complete top lid leaks & will make a mess.

Everyone should filter their tap water to avoid all the odor that is put in it. Easier to source as it’s interoperable with other brands. The whole thing easily fits in most of the fridge doors. It has a total capacity of 2.8 liters and a 1.4 liter filtered capacity.

Its Bayonet Fit design improves the filter seal for the best performance. Have the best tasting drink. Save up to 95 percent over single-use bottled water. It has a pour-through lid which is a fast flow filtration. You can have filtered water when you need it.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ Clean, easy to use, tidy & very good value for money The design of the jug itself is flawed for some people
+ Way more affordable
+ The water ingress at the top is much bigger
+ It only takes a minute or two to filter the entire chamber
+ 100% Recyclable & replaces 100 single use plastic bottles

3. Ouxunus Coffee Filter Compatible with Philips AquaClean

The protective coffee machine filter will prevent the deposit of minerals & reduce the scale. In this way, your coffee machine can have a longer service life. Totally compatible with Aquaclean high dense coffee machines with a different quality of features and that allow you to enjoy fragrant coffee.

These water filters can filter impurities in water along with reminding you to use & replace the accurate time to keep the coffee totally pure. If you have ever used filter cartridges before, this will definitely serve you. Filters fit and work like OEM. Enjoy it while working, after working and in the morning.

It contains activated carbon particles and ion exchange resin that soften water, reduce scale deposits & benefit health. Ouxunus water filter will remove the smallest dust particles.

It softens water & prevents water pollution to save the environment. Keep the water circulation clean, it provides fresh & tasty pure water for your coffee preparation.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ It’s a protective coffee machine Need to install the filter in the coffee machine so that the water in the coffee machine covers the filter
+ High-quality filter for  heavy metals, the content of chlorine & other harmful pollutants
+ Time reminder
+ It saves money compared to the brand name

4. BRITA Marella Fridge Water Filter Jug for Reduction of Limescale & Impurities

You will love it to look at the stylish design. The jug is slim and so it fits almost all kinds of fridges. Keep this in your showcase when you are not using it. Its total capacity of having water is about 2.4 liters but its filtered capacity is 1.4 liters.

The amount is sufficient for our general use for a small family or couple of people. You can clean the jug by inserting it into the dishwasher by leaving the lid. A new technology called ‘ideal fit’ will give you maximum filtration facility. Maxtra and filter increase the strength of the system. It will give you the taste of fresh natural mineral water.

Keeping water in a plastic bottle will give you a plastic element in drinking water while spending a little amount of money. The flip lead will give you the advantage to fill water easily.  

It has micro carbon pearls so that organic compounds, chlorine, and limescale are out of the system.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ Very slim in design Can handle from small to moderate deposits under a limit
+ Fits in most of the fridges
+ Comes with 2.4 litre volume
+ Provides fresh and tasty water
+ Flip lid for easy filling
+ Electronic ‘memo’ cartridge replacement reminder

5. Generic HUAYUWA 2 Pack Water Clean Filter

Can easily be replaced with this water filter for AquaClean coffee machines & espresso machines. You can match with varieties of models. Quality of improved drinking water is ensured. Materials of construction are of high quality, wear-resistant & strong.

The filter easily reduces chlorine, limescale, suspended particles, odor impairments, harmful substances & turbidity in the water. The total package ensures that your water is of the highest quality for everyday use.

The longevity of your coffee machine can be extended by using the filter. The high-quality cartridge makes the filter highly improved. It also extends the life of the coffee machine by keeping the accessories clean. This will prevent limescale& protect the coffee machine.

The package is easy to install for new users. Replace the filter element each 2 months or 250 liters whatever comes first. Feel free to return if you are not satisfied with the product.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ Good replacement of coffee machines and espresso These are bit overpriced compared to other products of this line
+ Gives a good quality of drinking water
+ Construction materials are made of good quality stuff
+ It reduces  chlorine, limescale, suspended substances & odour impairments
+ Extend the Life of the Coffee Machine

6. Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The improved composite filter technology can reduce most of the contaminants. It’s CF filter gives a sediment PP membrane. Activated carbon block reduces sediment, rust & organic matter. MRO filter uses activated carbon block, a 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis membrane, a sediment PP membrane & a PET pleated membrane.

They intercept atrazine, TDS, salt, PFAS, nitrates, fluoride & heavy metals. The production rate is 600 gallons of filtered water per day & fills a 200ml cup with water in just only 8 seconds. Ideal for washing vegetables, drinking & fruit. Meets the water needs of big families & companies.

The systems will produce waste water for discharging impurities. Use waste water to wash your car, mop the floor & do laundry.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ Most contaminant reduction is possible by it This model is designed for indoor use only, not for heavy-duty outdoor purposes
+ Provides 600 GDP fast water flow
+ Good outlook for affordable choice
+ New improved safety performance

7. AquaTru – Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

No need to store the water in the triton tank. Fill the holding tank with unfiltered water. The filtered water fills the clean water tank within 20 minutes. Tap water tanks will stop when 25-30% of the water remains.

The remaining water is called the waste-water that needs to be discarded. This water flushes the filters and allows them to last for hundreds of gallons. The system uses an ultra reverse-osmosis water filtration system.

It is certified to remove hormones, carcinogens, lead and drug residue that is found in our bottled water. The installation is so easy even amateurs can do it with ease.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ This machine is so fast compared to others. Can’t be fitted with the direct supply line
+ It is easy to filter lots of water in the compartment
+ Guaranteed to remove microplastics, carcinogens, arsenic, lead, and drug residue
+ Easy to set up and replace

8. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer 

Aqua ionizer deluxe water filtration system comes with a unique design. It fits in a place where you want to put it. Effectively matches with the decor. You can fill this up very quickly. If you are cooking & everyone is using water for pet bowls, filling pots & watering plants, you need not to stand around waiting.

The RO membrane, it can successfully remove fluoride, arsenic and heavy metals from the source water. After removing contaminants the water still tastes good. You can use the water for your cooking,  give it to your family quickly & they can serve themselves at any time. You need not have electricity or a battery to operate the unit.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ Cool design Should be fitted correctly to stop leakage
+ Easily matches with your home decor
+ Can be filled within a short period of time
+ Removes chlorine, limescale, and heavy metal successfully

9. APEC Water Systems Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

This is a 5-stage system that includes 1 pre-filter, 2 particulate filters & 2 microfilters. It has a large capacity for cleaning dirty water providing a good level of purification for any kinds of harmful contaminants. The materials are comprehensive & give all the items that are needed to install under the sink.

We can say that it is a moderate difficulty level homeowner level install. We will need the basic tools to install the unit. If you need to drill a hole on the wall to install the small faucet, you may need special hole saws that depend on the counter top material.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ Quite a compact unit that fits in the tightest of spaces The white bladder tank that came with it may leak air & need to repressurize it again
+ Everything required for installation is included with the package You will need a special hole saw tools to install the supplied faucet in your countertop
+ You can have a great taste of water
+ The price is more than the cost of buying three replacement filters for an older 3-stage system

10. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with Purification Elements

The filter comes with a unique design that can be fitted in a small place. It can easily serve 4 people every day. You can adjust the flow rate level. It is 19.25 inches tall & 8.5 inches in diameter. All kinds of harmful elements can successfully be removed by the filter system. The source of water doesn’t matter.

After filtering 6,000 gallons of water, you will need replacement. On average, you just need 2 cents for a gallon of purified water. No electricity, tools, or plumbing is required.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
+ Comparatively high in capacity Pressure may decrease for some case if the contaminant is in high amount in supply water
+ Purification process is powerful and take less amount of time
+ Can purify water by spending a little amount of money
+ It lasts for a long time if it is used with care
+ The filtered water tastes good

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Water Filter for Limescale

If you want to have a good quality water filter limescale, then you need to consider a couple of issues. At the time of picking the best water purifier for your home, be aware of the latest features available.

  1. Provides Mineral Enriched Water Supply: Buy water purifiers that give pure water & enrich it with minerals. Copper and reverse osmosis will give you several health benefits. It also has a mineral cartridge that will add required minerals like Magnesium and Calcium into purified water.
  2. Total Storage Capacity: It is an important factor when selecting a purifier in the size of your family needs. In case of electricity fluctuations, purifiers that have high water storage should be bought that store much water that is available for your family if there is no electricity or you are facing water shortage. Get a water purifier that has the capacity of 8 liters for 4 people. Get a water purifier that has the capacity of 10 liters for 6 people. For over 6 members, it has 10 liters of capacity.
  3. Material of Construction: All the parts in the filter should be food grade, good plastic and nontoxic. The plastic should be unbreakable & prevent leakage. They are brake-resistant taps. The units which are tested prior.
  4. High Water Saving: At the time of buying a water purifier is water wastage. This results as a result of its purification process. They reduce water wastage to a sufficient amount that gives you the highest water-saving every day.
  5. Improved Features: The water filters come with some advanced features. Some of them indicate the level of purity in a digital way. Showing the amount of water is also an important thing to show off.
  6. Special Quality of Filters: Buying good quality water purifiers as they give us pure water with an efficient filtration mechanism. Different filters have different roles for eliminating different kinds of contaminants. Viruses, Impurities, chemicals, bacteria, pesticides & heavy metals are present in water that make it water safe, clean & odorless to drink.
  7. The Capacity of TDS Removal: It is necessary to consider the TDS levels of the water source. The range of water purifiers should be TDS up to 2000 PPM. It is suitable to purify water irrespective of its source.
  8. The Type of Purification System: The Reverse osmosis process is an effective way of water purification when the TDS level of the water consists of dissolved solids that will make the water taste quite salty which is difficult to consume. The technology can remove all dissolved solids with other harmful contaminants. With all the new technologies, it is possible to choose a water purifier according to your needs that depending on the contamination level of the water. This new technology makes hard water safe & pure to drink by removing all pollutants like chemicals, bacteria, viruses, pesticides & heavy metals.

Do water filters remove limescale?

Yes, water filters can remove limescale. Reverse Osmosis Filters are good enough to do the job. There are some filters that can filter the water in a balanced way so that all the required elements can stay in the filtrate in a natural way.

As we know that we need some essential compounds into the water to stay fit. On the other hand, complete filtering of water turns the drinking water into a tasteless drink.

That’s why balancing is important. The limescale forms a complex with inorganic compounds & prevents them from forming hard staining.

How to remove limescale from water?

There are couple of procedures we can follow to remove limescale from water.

Ionization Devices

They are some kind of magical magnets that are sold in hardware stores that claim to soften the water with the magnetic force of those things.

Filters with scale inhibition

These filters employ scale inhibition and keeps the kettle clean using a phosphate-based chemical to pre react with hardness to stop the formation of limescale. Water may taste like water from a carbon filter. But it won’t give good performance to prevent limescale.

Ion exchange system

They use cation resins, strong acid to reduce hardness levels. It also increases Sodium levels by removing scale-forming Calcium & Magnesium ions.

Reverse osmosis process

This is the most complete method for reducing limescale that uses a membrane like environment with very small holes for filtering just water & block the chemicals & dissolved solids like Magnesium, Calcium, Lead, arsenic & more. The reverse osmosis technology purifies the water & reduces limescale building efficiency.

Usual softeners

They remove Calcium & Magnesium. Replace it with Sodium. This process is good for preventing scale building in any place but the process is not very good for our health.

There are some other digital techniques invented recently. Although the manufacturers demand about the best performance of their product but they are not proven by neutral laboratory scientists.

What is the best water filter for limescale?

We recommend Hardless NG3 whole house water filter as the best water filter for limescale. You can install it with the main water supply line. Setting up outside is possible. Besides removing limescale it can also eliminate arsenic and other sediments. It comes in a ready-to-use condition.

All the house appliances will be safe with the use of the best water filter. It keeps all the supply accessories of the supply line. Water tastes good when it is drunk. Compared to other same line products it is cheaper.

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Is it safe to drink water with limescale?u003c/strongu003e u003c/strongu003e

Yes, it is safe to drink water with limescale. In general, limescale is mainly made of calcium u0026amp; magnesium and that is an important salt ion we need for the well-being of our skeletal system. But everything has a limit. Having in excess of them can bring some serious consequences.

How do I remove limescale from my water supply?

You can remove limescale from your water supply by Reverse osmosis pressure system that is the most complete method for reducing limescale. It uses a membrane-like environment that has tiny holes for filtering just water.  They also block the ingredients u0026amp; dissolve some solids like Calcium, Magnesium, Lead, Arsenic u0026amp; much, much more.

Does boiling water remove limescale?

Yes, boiling water removes limescale. The temporary hardness which is caused by dissolving Calcium bi Carbonate u0026amp; can be removed by boiling the water for a sufficient time. During this process, the Calcium Hydrogen Carbonate divides into Carbon dioxide, water u0026amp; insoluble calcium carbonate.

What happens if you accidentally drink limescale?

It’s not that bad. It looks icky. While it’s not killing you, it is an enemy for appliances. It accumulates on limescale. The longer we leave it, the worse it gets u0026amp; build-up can block small spaces. It also damages electrical elements u0026amp; leads to corrosion.

Final Thoughts

There is a debate about the presence of calcium in the water. It is needed by our immune system. Water should not be the source that we depend on for Calcium. The dietary need for Calcium is 1000 mg per day. Soft water contains 60 mg/L Calcium. It’s illogical to use water as the source of Calcium.

Therefore, it’s wise to use the best water filter for limescale to being safe.

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