Do Home Water Test Kits Work? The Real Facts You Need to Know

What is a home water test kit? Do home water test kits work accurately? These are the very basic questions of numerous American people. The using of the home test has incredibly increased for water quality. Since someone can know the result of drinking water with a safe home water test kit, everybody must want to use it. 

We have decorated this guide with all answers to your required questions. Here you will get complete detail of the water analysis test kit. Also, this guide provides how to test water quality. 

What is a home water test kit?

“Water test kits are marketed in two ways; one is a strips pack, and the other is an electrolysis machine. Both are proven for accurate testing on the water contaminates.”

Why is the home water test kit important?

All we know the importance of pure water in our life. And this is also true that almost all of the water is continuously polluted by several chemicals, germs, bacteria, and harmful contaminants. Since our environment is getting polluted by several industrial areas, it is natural to face these problems. 

Water researcher has said to test drinking water and stagnant water at regular intervals. But it is very difficult for ordinary people to test the water in a pharmacy or laboratory.

As a safe home ultimate drinking water test kit is easily available, and also it is affordable, so it is most important to use a home water test kit for good health. 

Do Home Water Test Kits Work?

Do Water Test Kits Work? We would love to give you the straightforward answer that “yes”, a home water test kit works great. Even a water test kit can let you know the number of pollutant contaminants in your drinking water. So, it is quite reliable for the last few decades. 

So far, we have got many statistics on the home water test kit and know that these can provide the highest perfect result. Although a chemist or scientist does not work home water kit, it is very reliable because it has made in a science laboratory. Most importantly, the water test kit has been released in the market after checking the quality of gula and is coming up with the correct results so far with confidence. 

It is essential to know what exact pollutant and chemical components included in your drinking water. Still, you can figure out those components with a home water test kit. So, it is crucial for you. It helps you to change the water quality next as per the water quality level. 

Benefits of a Water Test Kit?

When you are going to invest in something, you naturally want to know the importance of those products, as water is another name of life, so it is mandatory to know about the water quality. Here are some logical reasons that are why a water test kit is important

Home comfort:

The home water test kit is designed in such a way that you can do it yourself. It ensures your comfort because of having the convenience to test from home without any expert or chemist. 

You have to fill a glass of water and dive the test kit into that glass. Then wait sometimes as per the rules of the test kit manual. And you will get the result within a few minutes. Once you know the level of used water quality in the home, you can take action based on that result. 


You can know about the accurate water condition of your water supply line. In this case, a water testing method can let you know the exact water quality. Maybe your drinking water is highly safe or not. So, a simple test can help to make you ensure the real condition. 

Fix Devices:

If you can be aware of the water contamination, you can take care with proper steps. Sometimes, there has some fixed device for being safe from water contamination. There has some shower head with disinfectant features.

Detect Various Contaminants:

One of the greatest advantages of a home water test kit is detecting varieties of water contaminant. Also, know that the impact of different contaminants can affect your health in different ways. 

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Are home water test kits efficient for water hardness?

Many people have a common question about the test kit efficiency for water hardness level. Yes, a home water test kit can work for different types of hardness test. A stripe test always shows you a color range to understand the water level if it is hard or soft. 

In this type of test, you will see a very hardness range when you test city water because every city and town are full of industrial chemical-based areas. However, there has a special test for water hardness called the titration test. If you notice the water is hard than the standard range, you can use some softener components to soften your drinking water. 

The process of water test at home

Regular test stripe:

Test stripes are the most common method to know home water quality. You need to take a glass of water for the stripe test and dive a stripe into this water. Then swirl the glass smoothly for a while and wait for a few minutes. Hence, take the glass’s stripes and match the color with the color chart that you have got with the test kit package. Mainly, the test stripe can figure out the contaminant and ppm. 

Color disk kits:

It is one kind of liquid tester for home water. You need to take some water in a jar or container and add a few drops of liquid color disk testing medicine. And then, shake the jar for a few minutes and observed the water color changing. Do note that a liquid kit works better than stripes to find out the bacteria and germs. You need to follow five steps to test water at home with a water test kit.

Identify a water source:

It is essential to make sure about the water source before choosing a water testing kit. Because water could be more or less polluted depends on the water source. If you want to know your city’s water quality, then a basic kit is enough to detect lead and chlorine. 

Choose a testing method:

Most of the testing kit is made for one-time use. In this case, the first mandatory things are to make sure about the water source condition and living region then choose the right testing method. It is recommended to use a basic stripe for well water, a liquid kit for home water and electrolyze for industrial water. 

Decide which contaminants to test:

Water contaminants could be change based on the region. The local living areas may have common bacteria, lead, nitrates and chlorine. However, a powerful electrolyze kit is needed for serious hard water. 

Ensure accuracy of results:

You must want to get a more accurate result of water testing. Here are some crucial tips for you to get an accurate result. Follow the below steps. 

  • Read the manual properly.
  • Don’t open the stripes so early
  • Firstly, wash your hands
  • Use a stopwatch
  • Use cold water and Pour carefully.

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Are our home water test kits safe?

Yes, home water test kits safe for health, but there has some exceptions. Good to know that a test kit has come with an expired date. All of the components of a test kit like Nitrite and KH can last for several fixed time. For example, Nitrite and KH could be last for four years. So, you can use a water test kit till the validated date. 

How much do home water test kits cost?

The general cost of a well water test kit could be 10$ to 30 $. However, the test kit price would be more based on the number of test strips. You may have to invest 50 to 150 $ for a test kit package with up to 50 stripes. However, many want to know where can I get my water tested for free? You can test your water for free from the govt health department.

How long do water test kits last?

A test kit would be last up to four years. The most common components of the water test kit are nitrile and KH. Both components could be last for four years. The water test kit aquarium components could be last as a regular drinking water kit.

What is the best home water test kit?

Water safe Drinking Water Test Kit and 17 in 1 Premium Drinking Water Test Kit are the ever-best test kit for home water. However, the Well Water Test Kit for Drinking Water is also good for an accurate result.  


Do we hope you already got all the answers related with do a home water test kit work? The home water test is not only work but also reputed for providing the most accurate result for varieties of pollutants and contaminants. There have multiple options of home water test kits like stripes, liquid testing methods, and electrolyze machines. So, you can rely on any method as per your ability. All the methods are still working great. 

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