MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag Review and Buying Guide 2022

Moso natural air purifying bags will help you to revolve all the unwanted odors and stinky smellin car. Bad smells in the car are produced by multiple sources like food spell, sweat, pet waste etc.

Using harmful and costly air fresheners is not a convenient thing to use. They are not eco-friendly. The active charcoal bags have been proved to eliminate the bad odor from your car to give you a fresh environment.

What are Moso natural air purifying bags?

Moso natural air purifying bags are some kinds of air purifiers that naturally suck unwanted substances like odor, pollens, dust, microbes, moisture to purify your environment effectively.

The active ingredient here is used Moso bamboo charcoal. Specially made active charcoal works naturally to clean the air from your home, car, closet, gym bag, cat litter box, etc.

It is a well-known company that makes the finest products to satisfy their customers.

Moso natural air purifying bags Review

A MOSO air purifying bag can solve the odor problem of your car. It also has many benefits. We made your job very easy to arrange some important information regarding this particular product.So that you get the most benefits from it.


  • Brand name: Moso Natural
  • Color: Ash
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.5 x 6 inches
  • Weight:1.76 pounds
  • Floor area:  90 Sqft       
  • 1 package:  4 bags

Key features

  • Active charcoal is the main ingredient
  • Excellent linen bags is used
  • Made from chosen bamboos
  • Can be used as a humidifier
  • Effective odor eliminator
  • Hanging ring included
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Comes in a package with four bags
  • Looks good to match with your furniture

Moso air purifying bag Benefits and Pros-Cons

How Moso Natural bag are produced

Among all other wood, bamboo makes the best active charcoal. First of all fine bamboo that are five or more years old is collected carefully. After drying up under the sun, They are cut into pieces to put them into a kiln.

After that, the pieces are burnt in absence of oxygen to keep it activated. When finished, they are kept in a linen bag.

How the bag work

Linen bags are good enough to give us a lot of pores so that air can get into the bag easily. The bags are quite strong enough to hold charcoal. They are fashionable to match with your indoor decoration.

Active charcoal has millions of pores in them. Dirty air gets into the bag through linen bags and gets through active charcoal. Pores of charcoal suck up and stick into the tiny capillaries.

The process goes on continuously and leaves fresh air. This is how it works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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What elements are handled by the bag?

  • Dust: We can’t see dust in the air. But they are still there. Dust gets into our house by doors, windows and our movement. Dust is effectively stuck with charcoal.
  • Pollens: Pollens are a source of allergens. This creates illness in some patients. It gets worse if you have a large garden or you live near the woods. It is important to know that, continue your medication along with active charcoal bags. Only bags might not work for serious patients.
  • Moisture: Excess moisture is not good for wooden furniture. Less humidity also creates some consequences. In order to control the humidity, people buy humidifiers. But they are costly and need sufficient maintenance. The device needs to be run all the time that consumes a lot of electricity. You can solve such a purpose through the active charcoal bag. The bag absorbs excess moisture to control the humidity. When the humidity falls down, the bag releases its stored moisture to the environment for balancing the moisture.
  • Harmful chemicals: Some harmful chemicals are always present all over the place. We can’t find natural substances nowadays. Some companies don’t care about human health. They use harmful chemicals to attract customers. We should carefully think about the situation. These chemicals are effectively removed by active charcoal bags. To secure our family and pets.

The process of activation

You don’t need to buy refills from time to time. Active charcoal can easily be activated by keeping it under the sun for two hours. The UV ray of the sun will naturally activate and open the pores of charcoal to work like a new one.

Repeat the process each month. One bag lasts for two years. Like other deodorizers, it is not required to buy expensive refills regularly.

The process of decomposing

After using it for two years, you may consider buying a new one to have the best performance. You can put it in your garbage bin. If there is a lawn or garden near you, then you can consider the charcoal to mix with the soil.

The power of absorption will be increased by the charcoal. Thus you can increase the power of the soil that is good for plants.

No masking of odor

No odor masking is done here. The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is safe stuff to use. Some of them use fragrance that only hides the odor for a couple of times. But that is not the case here.

Actually, the odor is caused by organic substances from pet urine or feces. They are successfully soaked by active charcoal to give you clean and fresh air. You are not having harmful chemicals in air fresheners.

Where to place it

Place it in a convenient place. Find out where the maximum odor occurs. This bag can cover up to 90 sqft area. Use multiple bags if needed. It can also be used as a home deodorizer. The bag can fit in smaller places like wardrobe, closet, car, gym bag etc.

What We Like

  • We can use it for multiple purposes like kitchen, cat litter box, shoe box, car, home, gym bag
  • No harmful chemicals are added to save our children and pets
  • No need to buy expensive  humidifier
  • No electricity is required

What We Don’t Like

  • It requires UV rays of the Sun to be activated in each month for couple of hours that might be troublesome for some people
  • You may required multiple bags for a larger room

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Where are Moso Natural bags made?

Moso natural bags are made of active bamboo charcoal. The bamboos are carefully chosen from the finest bamboos that are more than five years old to give us the best performance.

Those charcoals are made in absence of excess oxygen. Linen bags are used to store charcoal.

Do Moso bags really work?

Yes, Moso bags really do their work successfully if properly used. Read the manual first before using it. Activation is important for this process to completely run. Every month, do the activation.

Place the bag outside your house for UV rays. Wait for 2 hours. And it’s done.

How to use Moso air purifying bag

After buying or delivery, unpack the bag. For accuracy, you can place it under the sun for some time to make sure that it is activated. Then hang it with something that the hole that is done in earlier for your good.

Make sure that there is no leakage in the bag otherwise coal might fall all over the place.

Where can I use a Moso air purifying bag?

You can use Moso active charcoal bags everywhere where needed. Keep it in your house, closet, shoes, car, wardrobe, gym bag and gloves.

You can place it on the cat litter box to eliminate cat litter odor that is produced from cat urine and feces.

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Is the moso air purifier bag scam?

No, a Moso air purifier bag is not a scam. You need to realize that advertisements show us many offers in a dramatic way. You need to be practical about using active charcoal bags. Give some time to purify the whole air as it does not contain any fan to suck air like a humidifier.

How often should I refresh my Moso bag?

The manual shows us that we need to refresh the bag every month. The UV rays reactivate the charcoal again to act as the new one. It is a good thing that you need not to buy any kind of refill again and again.

How long do Moso bags last?

According to the manufacturer, The Moso active bamboo charcoal bags should last for about two years. You need to maintain all the rules and regulations to keep it active and use it for a long time. Discontinue use if you find any leakage in them.

Where can I buy moso natural air purifying bags?

Usually, all well-known chain shops keep those active charcoal bags for sale. Some large shops also sell it. Better purchase in Amazon, you will get home delivery.

How do you use a Moso Natural air purifying bag?

Moso natural air purifying bags contain premium moso bamboo charcoal. It absorbs odor that causes sweat without the harmful effects of artificial chemicals or different kinds of fragrances. This powerful active charcoal material attracts particles; almost instantly works to remove odor; moisture that leaves the shoes fresh and dry. Small Moso Bags come in perfect size; shape for gym bags, footwear, and sports and luggage gear like helmets, boxing gloves, and skates. At least once a month, Place the Moso Bag outside for one hour at least once a month. The UV rays from the Sun clean up all of the impurities that the bamboo charcoal has absorbed even in cold environments. The charcoal makes a wonderful addition to your garden after two years as an air purifier.


After investigating the product, we came to know that a Moso air purifier bag can be used for multipurpose. They can be used from your home to your vehicles.

Always keep the bags in a cool and dry place. If accidentally the bag is wet, then dry it first.

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