Mundo Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags Reviews

As a pet lover, I always wanted to have a smell-free house of my own. Among so many odor removal techniques, I decided to try activated charcoal bags. After a bit of research, I decided to buy Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags. According to the manufacturer, the product has maximum odor-absorbing capacity.

A mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bag is made to eliminate all the unwanted bad odor, mold, pollens, allergies to give fresh air. They are made from special types of activated bamboo charcoal to give you the highest product quality. Here’s what we found out.

Design: Attractive and decorative

Mundo charcoal bags has a unique design that is attractive at first sight. The smaller ones are suitable to keep them in any size of shoes. The larger bags are neither too big nor too short.

Odor Removal: Good for whole house

Mundo air purifying bags is desirable to eliminate the odor, not just mask them. It can be used as a shoe odor absorber, car freshener, pet odor eliminator, pollutant remover, toilet odors remover as well as keep the whole house bad smell-free.

Power: Works quickly and practically

After placing this purifying bag, you can see the result effectively in a few hours. Mundo odor-eliminator working like magic, and make the whole house smelled fresh and clean. For testing, place it at night and see the difference in next morning.

Longevity: Keep under Sun once a month

The system will work for more than two years. If you think that it is not working like a new one, reactivate them by keeping them under the Sun for a couple of hours per month. They will work like a new one.

Price: Cheaper than other

Compared to other products of this product line, they are cheap. There is no electricity required here. Just buy and reactivate free with the UV rays of the Sun.

Who Should Use This Product?

We know that different people have different interests. In a single product, they may ask for something else. Here are some user needs that can be fulfilled by the product.

Removing Odor

If you feel the smell of anything is annoying, then you can think of this product. In the case of removing odor, this could be a good choice as it is not cleaning chemically but mechanically. You need not to add any kinds of chemicals to make them activated again.

Removing Dust Particles

We know the bad impact of dust on our health. People who want to stay fit can have it as it works well with smaller particles like dirt, mold, mite and so on. Microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, the fungus can be handled by it. Pollen is one kind of allergic substance that can be absorbed by it.

Treating Like Deodorizer

Mechanical deodorizers are costly. They consume electricity and make noise. Their refills are costly. On the other hand, you are having these charcoal bags cheap. The active carbon will soak the excess air from the environment and will release the vapor when humidity falls.

Matches the Decor

Like other machinery, the unique design of the product won’t let you down. Hang it with some extensions. Don’t worry. They have metal holes in them to hang. The color won’t bother with the beauty of your furniture.

I bought the product to remove the odor of cat urine. I think the product works the best as a bad odor eliminator.

What You Should Know

According to the declaration of the manufacturer, here are some key features listed below.

  • Activated charcoal is the main ingredient
  • Can eliminate odor, not maks them
  • Good to remove dirt, pollens, mold, microorganisms
  • Eco Friendly & biodegradable
  • Can be used as a humidifier
  • Safe for children & pets
  • Durable
  • Activation process is easy

All the above facilities you can have with this single product in a convenient way.

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My First Impressions

I saw the product online. They looked attractive. I wondered how they would work. After using the product for a couple of days I noticed a remarkable change. The cat urine odor is no more!

The Use Phase

It was difficult for me to have snacks beside my cat litter bowl. The situation has changed. Now I feel safe around my pets’ living place. For the best performance, empty the cat litter from time to time. Otherwise, it will take time to eliminate the odor completely.


After using the product for a couple of weeks, I am totally satisfied with it. It successfully removed the bad smell created by cat urine.

What We Like

  • They are worth the money & not that expensive
  • You don’t need any electricity to operate the system
  • People with the condition of allergies can have benefits after using it for a couple of days

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes it’s really difficult to tell whether they make any difference
  • Almost all of the smell will be gone if you give some more time to work them out

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Do Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags really work?

Yes, Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags really work. Once you have received the package. It is advised to activate the item under the Sun for a couple of hours. Use more bags for good results if the volume of the place is larger.

How to use Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags?

Unpack the package. For giving up any confusion, reactivate it. Hang it with any kind of extension with the metal ring. Place it into the shoes if necessary. Use multiple bags for a larger room. Keep it where the maximum odor occurs.

How long do Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags last?

In general, mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags last more than two years. They need no refill. Just reactivate the charcoal once in a month. You can use it for more than a couple of years, but the efficiency of the cleaning process will decrease from time to time.

Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags legit or scam?

Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are legit, not scam. Follow all the instructions that are supplied with the product. Measure your room to identify how many bags are needed to clear up within a short period of time.

Is Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags worth it?

Yes, Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are worth it. Not only will it remove the bad smell from your environment. It can be used in the gym, car, gym bag, shoes, kitchen and so on. The humidification process can also be run by it.

Where to buy Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags?

Buy Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags from any super shop. You Can order online by the numbers supplied by the official website or from Amazon. Home delivery can be possible if you want.

Final Thoughts

Mundo bamboo charcoal air purifying bags will work immediately when you hang them around the rooms without charge if they are newly manufactured. We can suggest buying it that identifies any kind of unwanted odors around any place. I can give 4 stars out of 5 ratings.

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