Vitscan Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag Reviews

Vitscan bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are specially made to give you a fresh environment. Remove all unwanted impurities like dirt, dust, mold, mite, pollens from the air. The specially made bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

How does a Vitscan air purifying bag work?

Vitscan air purifying bags are one kind of air purifying system. The main ingredient here is activated carbon. They are made from the finest kind of bamboo. They have large fiber. Pieces of bamboo are burnt with the presence of insufficient oxygen. This is how they are made porous.

The chunks of coal are then poured into linen bags. A metal ring is attached to each bag for hanging purposes.

With the help of an absorption mechanism, the dirt enters into the linen bag. The elements are absorbed into the tiny pores of the activated charcoal. The pores get clogged after many days.

They can be eliminated by keeping them under the Sun for a couple of hours per month. You don’t need to buy refills from time to time.

How to Use the Vitscan air purifying bag Effectively

After receiving the package or buying from any super shop, unpack it and just hang them with some kind of extension. There are built-in rings attached with them. Or you can just keep them in your closet or in the used shoes. It is advised to keep them in a small place. But don’t worry, you can use them in larger houses too. You will need a couple of bags to completely eliminate the odor from your house.

The bag can take a couple of days to weeks for removing odors for the lack of airflow. Time is needed for the air in those spaces to move around enough to flow through such charcoal bags.

Use them in your home, closet, car, gym bag and shoes. These bags don’t use artificial fragrances. So don’t worry about potentially unbearable combinations of bad smells. Covering up the odor with aromas, you’re removing the odor from the air effectively.

Price and Return Policy

  • 12 bags: around $22
  • Also available 20, 24, 28, 36 pack bags

The manufacturer is confident with their premium bamboo bags and offers 30 days no question asked money-back guarantee if you were not satisfied with the best odor eliminator bulk.

How Does Vitscan Compare to Other Purifying Bags?

Vitscan vs. Air Ionizers

Ionizers release some kinds of ions into the air that are bound with allergens. Then they are dragged down to the ground as they get heavier.

They don’t require filter replacements any more & make the room they’re in very dusty. You need to clean the room every day to remove the fallen allergens all around you. Air ionizers don’t work very well in high-traffic areas like a pet’s room.

On the other hand, The Vitscan is a good choice for you if you want odor removal & moisture control. As the product is limited in the ability to remove allergens, it doesn’t need the daily dusting an ionizer would.

Vitscan vs. Air Purifiers with Filter

Filtered air purifiers can suck air with a filter that traps odors and impurities. Such machines are costly depending on how large a room you need to purify. The main advantage is that they suck air in & remove particles in the air. But a charcoal bag works slowly in that case.

The disadvantage is that they need filter replacements each three to four months. That results in high costs per filter three to four times a year. If your main intention is to remove the allergens of a room, a filtered air purifier can be the most effective choice. If you want to remove odors & moisture from a room, the Vitscan will suit you better in every aspect.

What It’s Good For

  • If You Are Allergic to Any Kind of Fragrances:

For allergic patients, be alert to any air fresheners that mask smells. It’s better to neutralize them. Vetscan odorless charcoal bags are a huge benefit for you.

  • Keep Your Shoes in Closet:

Shoes are the main source of bad odors. The bedroom closets that have house shoes are a good place to put Vitscan bags.

  • Safe for Keeping in the Car:

Vetscan charcoal bags are good if you have kids that make a hazard in the car. Keeping charcoal bags under the seats will help to neutralize the odors of dirty diapers in the car and forget to throw them away.

What It’s Not Good For

  • It need some time to clean the environment totally
  • May need more than one bag to clean a larger house

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Do Vetscan bamboo charcoal bags really work?

Yes, Vetscan bamboo charcoal bags really work for you. The product is specially made of pure activated bamboo charcoal to give us natural substances. Get your own pack as it comes in different sizes. For a larger room, have couple of bags for more accuracy.

How long does a Vitscan bamboo charcoal bag last?

According to the manufacturer, a Vitscan bamboo charcoal bag lasts for two years. No refill is required during this time. For reactivation, just keep them under the Sun for couple of hours in a month.

The Bottom Line: Is the vitscan the Right Solution for You?

Yes, a Vitscan bamboo charcoal bag is the right solution for us. These bags are bought to purify air and eliminate odor from home, office, car, closet and so on. Removing shoe odor is also a use of it.

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