VZee Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags Reviews in 2022

VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are specially made to fulfill all the requirements that you want from an activated charcoal system. Use it for your stinky shoes, litter box odor, mold, mite, dust, microorganisms, pollens and dirt. Vzee charcoal bags are the most effective and efficient way to air purifiers. Let’s know the details about the product-

Design: Good to look at for decoration

Placing is important in the case of cleaning the environment. People love how they have an elegant look. When delivered, it comes with a pretty cool letter to thank you for the purchase. They take up very little space. These bags are odorless.

So you can place them near your bed. Older people or people with allergies won’t be affected by it. VZee Charcoal Bags are nicely manufactured for maximum odor-absorbing capacity by the smallest product size.

Odor Removal: Gives natural freshness

Amazing odor elimination technology is used here. VZee charcoal bags are made from natural bamboo charcoal. Use them as a car odor eliminator, stinky shoe smell remover, pet litter smell neutralizer, air pollution controller and much much more.

If you place them throughout the house, it will smell better than ever. People who smoke in the house will be beneficial to get rid of the smoke smell. Actually, smokers can’t smell the smoke but other non-smokers do. The smell of burnt dinner can easily be eliminated if they are kept in the kitchen for one day.

People who are very active with working out, can use them in their gym bags and cars that end up smelling a bit musty. People who have pets in their homes often face litter odor. Get rid of them by using these bags in each room where the pet roams around. If you have an RV, keep a bag to keep it fresh.

Power: Takes a little bit of time for a larger room

The charcoal in the bag is in chunks to give the best result and take less time to eliminate odor.  The dust eliminator side of this product is amazing. This may take a little time if the environment has a lot of musty & dusty things.

The biggest difference will happen after getting rid of the things that are harboring decades worth of dust.

Longevity: Reusable for more than two years

They can be reactivated again and again. VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are reusable for up to 2 years and more. They are already activated before packing by the manufacturer.

Simply put them in the Sun for 4 to 6 hours every 2 to 3 months to reactivate them. You are not required to buy refill again and again.

Price: Reasonable compared to the same product line

The whole package has a couple of bags. It is convenient to have multiple bags at the same time. Purchasing one at a time will take more money compared to buying the whole package.

The bag contains more charcoal. VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are less costly compared to the same product level.

Key features

  • Comes in a convenient package
  • A complete odor removal solution
  • Usable as a humidifier
  • Bag matches with furniture

What We Like

  • The product is made of natural bamboo charcoal
  • No artificial ingredients are added here

What We Don’t Like

  • It would have been nicer if they included hooks for all the bags
  • May take more times to clean the whole place

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Do VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags really work?

Yes, VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags really work. Every bag has its own capacity to work things out. It will take much time if the room is larger if the environment contains a lot of dust to clean that up. In that case, you need a couple of bags to clean the air.

How to use VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags?

After the package arrives, remove all the packaging that comes with it. The larger packs have built-in rings. Hang them with some extensions. Smaller bags are suitable for shoes and keeping in the closets. Keep them where the most air pollution occurs.

How long does a VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bag last?

A VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bag lasts for more than two years. Actually, you can use them for a long time by activating them under the Sun. The UV rays of the Sun will reactivate the theme many times.

VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags Legit or Scam?

VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are not a scam. It’s legit. The product does exactly what it demands. Follow the instruction manual first and follow accordingly what they said. As we know that it comes without rotating parts. That’s why they take a little time to do their job.

VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags worth it?

Yes, VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are worth buying. As we know that they help us in many ways. They have different shapes. You can put them into your shoes. You don’t need to buy another one for your shoes.

Where to buy VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags?

You can easily buy VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags from well-known super shops. Order them online from the manufacturer’s website. Home delivery is possible. The best way is to check the packages before you buy.

Final thoughts

We can see that VZee bamboo charcoal air purifying bags help us in many ways to clean the environment. It works fine to remove odors, bacteria, pollutants, allergens, moisture, mildew and mould.

It is biodegradable and eco-friendly, and so it doesn’t destroy the environment. Buy a convenient package that totally suits you.

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