Why water purifier is important?- Everyone should know the reasons

According to the world health organization, more or less 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with excreta. This contaminated water transmits trouble such as diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, dysentery and polio. Pure water is not only essential for drinking but we need pure water for cooking, bathing, brushing and many things. But it’s not possible to get such a huge amount of germ-free water, so everyone focuses on the drinking water.

Statistics show that average US citizens need 101.5 gallons of water per day at home. In contrast, in developing countries, people scarcely get 5 gallons of water. Even though they get water, no all the time is safe for drinking.  So, no reasons for avoiding the safety measurements of drinking water.

Reasons Behind Purifying Drinking Water

There are numerous numbers of reasons behind purifying drinking water. Even though if you have any safe natural or source of water it is better to purify the drinking water at first. Let me evaluate the reasons of why do we need to purify water?

Divergence of Contaminations

Why water purifier is important to evaluate this question we first everyone should know about the contaminants are available in drinking water.


Maybe it’s surprising because we use to use chlorine to purify the water. Yeah, chlorine can terminate the bacteria but chlorine can make us sick also. The water you drink contains a high dose of chlorine it will be harmful to the infants. Also, high about of chorine affects our skin and cause rashes and irritation.


Pretty much harmful for us. It’s a neurotoxin and comes from the groundwater or old pipes. Like chorine lead cause irritation of the skin and it can turn into a serious problem passing of time. Even lead causes hair loss. Furthermore, high blood pressure, infertility, kidney diseases commonly come from drinking water contaminated with lead.


Nitrate comes from the reaction of oxygen and nitrogen. Too many nitrates into the water sound alarming for children’s and pregnant women. Nitrates come from the fertilizers we use for growing crops in the field and from industrial waste. Boiling water before drinking won’t suppress the nitrates from water.


Commonly known as a poison of water. Arsenic is a metallic form and seed into the groundwater from the industrial and agricultural operation. It causes serious effects on the skin. You need pure purification system to get rid of arsenic because neither boiling or chlorine/bleaching can remove arsenic. 

Enhance the Flavor of Water

Contaminants in the water not only cause disease but affects the flavor of drinking water. If the water has a significant amount of lead in it, you will get a metallic taste. As water purifier will remove those contaminants, tase will surely improve.

American citizens use to know line water is completely germs and contaminants free. But surely, they are not good flavored as purified water. It means even though the line water supposed to be clean, but it doesn’t go through all the water purification steps we get from a water purifier.

These are the main reasons we need to purify the drinking water. Now it is time to know water purification and the importance of using a water purifier.

What is Water Purification

Water purification revokes contaminants chemicals, biological and gaseous substances from water. The major purpose of water purification is to provide fresh drinking water. The importance of water purification doesn’t only lie in drinking, clean water also meets the requirements of medical, chemical and industrial applications. Here let me inform you about 4 water purification methods.


It is the cheapest, safest and longer method of water purification. In this method, we usually boil water for hours and then cool the water down before drinking. Normally water boils at high temperature in this method. But for high altitudes areas, you are required to boil the water for a longer period.

But boiling water is lack of minerals we usually get from water. Excessive heat destroys the structure of the mineral, thus the water has a lack of minerals. So basically, you won’t get anything good or bad from the water,


In this method, we use to heat the water and collect the vapour. This method is much more effective and productive if you want bacteria, germ, salts and metal-free water. Distillation method is for those who are using untreated water. It’s also a long process.


As we already have talked about the presence of chlorine in the water. But chlorine effects on the skin if its presence in water too much. But chlorine is also effective for killing germs, bacteria from the water. Chlorination maybe not the cheapest way of purifying water but all you need is a chlorine tablet or liquid chlorine to purify a certain amount of water.

These are the methods we usually use to purify the water, but they are all manual ways of purifying water. You won’t get the benefits of water purification following a single method, because every method has its demerits also. That’s why water purifiers are a better option than purifying water manually.

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Different Types of Water Purifiers

Nowadays many people are concerned about the contaminants and harmful chemicals in the water that we can’t see. So, there are few things to understand and know depending on contaminants. First of all, you should have a clear idea about what kind of contaminants present in the water in your area. Because if your water is fairly clean, don’t need to buy an expensive water purifier.

Depending on water purification methods, we use to see 5 types of water purifiers.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier

The importance of water purification to human health is unavoidable. Reverse osmosis purifiers offer a semipermeable membrane to ensure purification. RO purifiers use a motor which forces water to pass through the RO membrane. As a result, dissolved contaminants like lead, chlorine, nitrates, arsenic can’t pass the RO membrane.

Types of RO water purifier

  • Wall-mounted or tabletop
  • Under-sink

Advantages of RO water Purifier

  • It improves the flavour.
  • Very much affordable and safe.
  • Purify the water completely from germs.

Limitations of RO water Purifier

  • It needs electricity to run the motor and optimum water pressure.
  • Produces lots of wastewater, approximately 5 litres of wastewater for producing 10-litre clean water.

Activated Carbon Purifier

activated carbon purifier comes up with activated carbon made of charcoal. Most of the water-borne diseases can’t pass through the activated carbon layer. It also improves the taste and smell.

 Advantages of Activated carbon purifier

  • Heavy metal can’t pass through it.
  • It improves the durability of the costly RO membrane.
  • Removes the bad smell of water.

Limitations of Activated carbon purifier

  • You can get rid of salty water using these purifiers.
  • Irregular clean of a charcoal surface can cause of growing bacteria on the Activated Carbon surface. 

UV Water Purifier

Ultraviolet ray is capable of killing waterborne microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. Also, this type of purifier doesn’t use any chemical during the purification process. Water goes under the UV light and germs, bacteria, viruses get inactivated during the travel because of UV light. 

The UV water purifier is capable of purifying low TDS water lakes and rivers. But can’t treat the water which has high TDS.

Advantages of UV Water Purifier

  • Affordable in price and low maintenance cost.
  • Water tastes good because it doesn’t use any chemicals.
  • UV doesn’t destroy the essential minerals we need from the water.

Limitations of UV water Purifier

  • Doesn’t do its job on high TDS water.
  • Can’t remove toxic chemicals.

These are the most common types of water purifier. Also we use to see Sediment filter water purifier and UF (Ultra Filtration) water purifier. 

Benefits of Having a Water Purifier

So far, we talked about the importance of water treatment and the methods of water purifications. But do you really the true benefits of having water purifier. Let’s find those out.


It may sound a little bit weird but it is true. If you boil the water for purification, it will take much more time and also water will lose its natural minerals. Furthermore, to boil the water we need an electric stove, or heater or gas stove or anything like those. Surely the boiling method will increase your utility bill much more.

Even buying water bottle sounds pretty costly. And you don’t really know if the bottled water is really filtered properly.

Saving us from Diseases

According to WHO more or less 829,000 people die every year from diarrhoea as they drink unsafe water, sanitation and hand hygiene. That’s why it too risky to drink water without purifying. Also,typhoid and many bacteria-related diseases are quite common for drinking water directly from the line. A water purifier will save us from all kind of water-related disease.

Social Effects

When people get safe drinkable water from a safe source, they spend less time collecting safe water and needless physical effort. As a result, people can use that time productively in any other activities. Also, better water ensures a healthy life. As a result, people won’t fall ill and incur medical costs. So water purifier economically helps us too.

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Is it safe to drink water from water purifier?

The concept of water purifier came from to safe us water-related diseases. So drinking water from a purifier is obviously a better option. Also purifying water doesn’t destroy the minerals of water and make the water completely germ free. No doubt purifying water is beneficial for healthy living.

What’s the Importance of Water Filtration Systems?

There are many types of water filtration systems. Most of them present water drinkable for us. The most important part of a water purifier is to make sure all the germs and bacteria we can’t see in bare eyes. And don’t do any damage to natural minerals of water which are good for us.

Final Thought

So, what do you think? The importance of water purifier you can’t describe in in limited words. But before selecting any type of water purifying method, just spend some time to know about your water quality. And don’t boil the water if you don’t have any other options. Because excessive heat will destroy all the minerals present in the water. 

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