21 Common Questions about Bamboo Charcoal Bags: Ask the experts

Bamboo charcoal bags are popular nowadays. They are used for various purposes. Although we can have charcoal from other sources like wood and coconut, bamboo beats them in many perspectives.

Pieces of bamboo are burnt with insufficient oxygen to have bamboo charcoal. They are kept in linen bags to get the job done. It is made both industrially and locally.

We are getting them in super shops and by home delivery. These items arise many questions among the users and those who want to buy them. Here you are going to give all the answers that customers are looking for. 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Bamboo Charcoal Bags

1. Are bamboo charcoal bags effective?

Yes, bamboo charcoal bags are effective if they are made by following rules and regulations strictly. If the charcoal is not heated properly in absence of oxygen, then this might not work.

Try to buy charcoal bags from a well known manufacturer. Always follow the rules that are written on the leaflet. This will help you the best.

2. Do bamboo charcoal bags really purify air?

Yes, bamboo charcoal bags can really purify the air. Charcoals are kept in linen bags. The bag has so many holes in it. The air gets into the bag through the holes.

The air then passes through the charcoal media. The area of charcoal is very large as it is a porous medium. These porous areas extract dirt, microbes, pollens, and allergens from the air and leave fresh air in the environment. 

3. What do bamboo charcoal bags do?

The bamboo charcoal bags have charcoal in it. The air with pollutants passes through the filter media. The charcoal media have so many pores in them. These tiny pores extract particles in them from the air.

The air gets fresh by it. This not only extracts pollutants but also controls humidity by extracting vapors in them and releases when needed.

4. Do bamboo charcoal bags get rid of dust?

Yes, bamboo charcoal bags can eliminate dust from the air. The dirty air gets into the bag through the pores of linen bag. The air with dust passes through the bamboo charcoal.

The charcoal has the properties of extracting dirt and similar types of particles from the air. This is how we can get rid of dust by using charcoal bags.

5. Do bamboo charcoal bags eliminate viruses?

On some level, bamboo charcoal bags can eliminate viruses. Actually, viruses are very tiny microorganisms that are not visible in naked eyes. It is difficult to determine whether they remove viruses or not.

Viruses stay inactive without their hosts and show its activity to their hosts. Bamboo charcoal can absorb viruses if the air with viruses goes through the charcoal bag.

6. Do bamboo charcoal bags eliminate smoke odor?

Yes, bamboo charcoal bags can eliminate smoke. In general, smoke contains carbon dioxide. Smoke from cigarettes contains nicotine. The smoke mixes with air and passes through the filter medium of bamboo charcoal bags.

The source of smoke odor is then stuck with carbon of charcoal in the bag. Once the particles are eliminated, you won’t smell the odor of smoke.

7. Do charcoal bags work for allergies?

Yes, charcoal bags work for allergies. They can eliminate allergens that can create allergies to both humans and pets. Food smells, pollens, dust, etc can be sources of allergic reaction.

Different persons have different types of allergies. The patient needs to find out what type of element increases his allergic reaction. Serious patients should consult with a doctor. 

8. Do charcoal bags work for cat litter?

Yes, charcoal bags work for cat litter. It can absorb the odor from cat litter boxes. The source of smell from the litter boxes is cat urine, feces and dead skins.

They are carried out by air and go through the charcoal bags to give us fresh air. Try to keep charcoal bags near cat litter boxes to work effectively. 

9. Do charcoal bags absorb moisture?

Yes, charcoal bags can absorb moisture. There are a lot of pores in bamboo charcoal. Water vapor flies away with air and passes through the filter media of the charcoal bag.

The pores of charcoal absorb the water and release dry air. When moisture decreases from the air, the bag releases water vapors and increases humidity. There you have a humidifier without using electric power.  

10. Do bamboo charcoal bags kill bacteria?

Yes, bamboo charcoal bags can kill bacteria on some level. The tiny bacterias flies in the air and go through the bag. Charcoal pores absorb them. Active carbon of charcoal kills the bacteria to give you bacteria-free air.

The bacteria that passes through the bag can be killed. But those that are stuck on other surfaces or don’t go through the filter media will not be affected by it.  

11. Does bamboo charcoal kill mold?

Yes, bamboo charcoal kills mold on some level. Molds are some kinds of yeast that grow on a damp surface. They are multicellular microorganisms.

Dry types of yeasts mix with air and can go all around the place. In  case of charcoal bags, the air with mold must go through filter media for having fresh air. Molds that are stuck on any surfaces can’t go through that bag.

Although active charcoal can kill mold, it needs to come in touch with active carbon.

12. Do charcoal bags get rid of bad smells?

Yes, charcoal bags can get rid of bad smells. Actually, bad smells are micro particles that are parts of living and non-living things. Most of the bad smells come from bacteria and the food that bacteria digest partially.

These lighter particles can mix with air to give odor. Odor mixed air passes through the charcoal bag and clean air comes out of it.

13. How long does it take for bamboo charcoal to work?

It needs some calculation to find out about the activity of bamboo charcoal. The charcoal comes in a package. After opening the package, the charcoal starts to work. But it needs some time to get the result from it.

The air of your room needs to pass through it. It takes almost one or two days to purify the whole air of a small room and then you can feel the difference.

14. Where do you put bamboo charcoal bags?

The bamboo charcoal bag comes with a hook or a hole in it. You can hang it on a wall or any extensions. It is wise to keep it in a place where the odor comes out the most.

Keep it beside the cat litter box for extracting the odor. You can put it in your cabinet or car.

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15. How to recharge bamboo charcoal bags?

The active bamboo charcoal bag decreases its activity slowly. After one year of use, you need to recharge the bag to reuse. The procedure is simple.

Just keep it under the sunlight for just an hour. Although this will not work like it was new, it is still usable.

16. What size bamboo charcoal bag do I need?

Depending on your active area and the volume of dirt, you need to adjust the bamboo charcoal bag. Larger rooms need big or multiple small bags. The amount of dirt or smell is also important. If the amount of dirt is larger, then the bag must be larger.

17. How to activate charcoal bags without sunlight?

The bamboo charcoal bags need UV light in order to recharge. It’s not about the temperature outside. As long as the bag is in direct sunlight for at least 1 hour your bag will work properly.

During winter or cloudy days, it is difficult to find direct sunlight for a long time. There are some UV lights available in the market for various purposes. Use those to activate a charcoal bag.

18. Does Walmart carry bamboo charcoal bags?

Yes, Walmart sells bamboo charcoal bags of various brands. They keep both larger and smaller bags. You can have those in different shapes and colors.

19. What is the best bamboo charcoal air purifier?

Actually, all the companies that made bamboo charcoal bags consider their product as the best one. Among many manufacturers that make the best bamboo charcoal purifier, here are some of them.

  • Wyewye Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bag
  • Tinggaoli Air Purifying Bag
  • Yumybom Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bags
  • Olivia & Aiden Air Purifying Bag
  • KoolerThings Air Purifying Bag
  • California Home Goods Air Purifying Bag
  • Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

20. Does Home Depot sell bamboo charcoal bags?

Yes, Home Depot sells bamboo charcoal bags. You may not find many different companies. But different shapes are available here.

21. Can you buy bamboo charcoal in stores?

Yes, bamboo charcoal bags can be bought from stores. Renowned chain shops keep products from various companies. You can also have those in different sizes, shapes and colors. In the small grocery stores, you may not have those. In that case, you can order online to have home delivery.

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We have discussed almost all the answers that people are looking for. The growing demand for charcoal bags is making people curious about learning this stuff. You need to understand the reality that you are not going to have all the facilities that the package declares.

But still, we need to rely on our society sling with manufacturers. If possible, it is wise to make your own charcoal bag. The whole process is very easy with precautions. Don’t swallow them as it absorbs whatever it finds in the air. If an accident happens, contact your doctor or take the patient to emergency.  

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