Do bamboo charcoal bags eliminate dust?

do bamboo charcoal bags eliminate dust

Scientists and researchers have confirmed with the help of controlled experiments that the air quality in our home is more polluted than the polluted air of the industrial area. The reason behind this staggering phenomenon is that our homes are constructed in a way to block direct sunlight and extreme weather condition resulting in a stale and humid area infested with bacteria and viruses.

The air purifier is the most important thing you need in such a scenario. But most air purifiers use harmful chemicals and are not that effective in removing bad chemicals, odor, dander, and dust. These air purifiers are not safe to use for children and pets. That’s why people are moving more towards buying bamboo charcoal bags.

These charcoal bags with activated carbon are scientifically proven effective and efficient in eliminating humidity, odor, harmful chemicals, and air-born particles. Most people are concerned as do bamboo charcoal bags eliminate dust too. The answer is yes, and the credit goes to the porous linen bag and activated carbon that traps all the air-born dust and dander that can harm the health of your loved ones inside.

What are bamboo charcoal bags?

Bamboo charcoal bags are made of linen. And they are filled with the activated carbon taken from the bamboo. The bamboo tree grows most rapidly, and it won’t affect the environment much if we use bamboo charcoal for commercial use. These bags are made of biodegradable material that doesn’t require any special recycling. Nature handles the bag and substance perfectly, and you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint.

These bags are made to remove the bad odors, humidity, dust and dirt particles from the air. You need to hang them and let the magic begin to get clean and fresh air all around the home.

Do the bamboo charcoal bags really work?

Few people might think when there is no appliance or equipment in the bag, how can it remove the dirt, dander and other harmful chemicals from the air. Without the help of any appliance or equipment, these bags provide the most effective and efficient air filtration for you in the house and car.

These bags are proven effective scientifically because of the activated carbon that is more porous and treated with oxygen to trap all the harmful chemicals, mold, dander, and dust particles from the air. The activated carbon traps all the harmful particles and fumes and provides you with clean and fresh air inside the building.

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Does bamboo charcoal bags remove dust?

When there is no filter or fan to attract the air; how this product can remove the dust particles from the air. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the answer to the question as do bamboo charcoal bags remove dust? The activated carbon with the pores and pockets traps all the dust and dirt particles and animal dander flying in the air. All you need to do is find a place to hang these bags where there is an air passageway. The passing air will take all the particles toward the charcoal bag, and the porous carbon will trap all the dust and dirt particles from the air.

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What are bamboo charcoal bags used for?

The bamboo charcoal bags come in various sizes and color to improve air quality. These bags are used to remove all the harmful chemicals from the air—these charcoal bags re effective in removing the humidity and harmful chemicals from the air around you. There is a misconception that animal hair is responsible for causing the allergy. While the real culprit is air born animal dander. Children and people are not safe from animal dander’s harmful effects if you do not take corrective measures and remove them from the air.

These charcoal bags effectively remove harmful chemicals from the air along with bad odors and stale smell. The kitchen is the place which is responsible for most of the smells in the house. When you use the charcoal bag in the kitchen, the burning spice and curry smell will be kept inside the area and removed within hours so you won’t have to sniff the smell from the clothes and furniture.

Your bathroom is the place which adds to the humidity and pungent smell to make the whole environment annoying for the people inside the building. The charcoal bags do great in removing the humidity from the air, and annoying smell from the bathroom gets trapped in the porous material, and you get clean and fresh air inside the house.

Does bamboo charcoal kill mold?

Mold and mildew is a common phenomenon when there is an increased level of humidity in the building. Scientists and health experts state that when people breathe the air infested with the mold and mildew particles, there are high chances that they will get terminally ill within months. The mold infests the air with the harmful particles, and you need air purifying device in your home.

Many appliances use harmful chemicals and are not safe for the children and people inside the building. These harmful chemicals cause allergy and other respiratory issues in children and older people. These electrical appliances become more harmful to hypoallergenic people.

But the charcoal bags are safe to use in all kinds of situations, and there are no harmful chemicals in the bag which can cause allergy to the people around. The mold and mildew release the airborne particle that can make people terminally ill. The charcoal bags are filled with activated carbon that has gone through the oxygen treatment. These bags are effective in mold and mildew capturing. The porous material catches the tiny and bigger mold particles and dirt and dust particles to make the air inside the house neat and clean for a healthy and safe living.

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FAQs for bamboo charcoal bags:

Is bamboo charcoal safe?

Charcoal can be obtained from many different naturally occurring materials. The coconut husk and woods are a good source. But bamboo is the fastest growing plant that’s why when we obtain bamboo charcoal, it won’t affect the environment as much. The bamboo charcoal is extremely safe, and three are no reported cases of people who have allergies from them. If someone is suffering from the allergy to this material, the bamboo charcoal comes in the linen bag which keeps the substance away from direct contact and access—thus providing you nothing but clean and fresh air without dust, odor, and mold.

Do bamboo charcoal bags eliminate smoke odor?

Smoke odor and cigarette smoke odor destroy the whole feel of the environment. And if there is a smoker in the house or the car, the whole area will give off a burnt-off annoying smell. The charcoal bags are proven to remove smoke odors of any kind because of the activated carbon. The activated carbon in bamboo charcoal is more porous, and it traps the bad odor and molecules and gives you odor-free clean air for a healthy life.

How to use bamboo charcoal air purifying bags?

Bamboo charcoal bags do not use any electricity, and there are no strings attached to any appliance or equipment. The process of using these bags is extremely simple. Buy the bags AS per your requirement and hang them in the areas in your home. The smaller bags are for shoes, small cabinets, and cars. Simultaneously, the larger bags are used to be hanged in the rooms and places with high humidity and odor level. You can use these bags to save your loved ones from the harmful effects of mold and mildew.

Where to place an air purifying bag?

The charcoal bags do great only when you hang them above three to five feet from the ground. These bags are made of linen and can be placed and hanged anywhere you want. The best place for these bags will be the humid and smelly areas. You can get stale-free shoes and a smoker’s great smelling car if you place the small bags in these places. Your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and lounge are the places where you can use these air-purifying charcoal bags to get dust, mites, and odor-free clean air for a safe and healthy life.


Charcoal bags are seeing a hype in the sale because of their environmentally friendly packaging and material. The bamboo charcoal and linen cloth both are easy to dispose of properly. And as they are made of natural material, they are safe even for hypoallergenic people. There are no harmful chemicals in the bags, and they are safe for kids and pets alike. These bags with activated carbon effectively remove the bad odors, humidity, and harmful chemicals from the area.

But most of the people are worried as do bamboo charcoal bags eliminate dust. These bags effectively remove dust mites, kill mold and remove air-born dander and dust particles with the help of porous activated carbon and linen cloth. All you need is to hang them in the area and let them do their job.

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