Are Air Purifiers Medical Devices or Air Filter?

air purifier medical device

Medical devices do not merely refer to the equipment needed for medical treatment. Medical devices are devices that protect your health or destroy the villages around you. “Are air purifiers medical devices or air filter?” is today’s discussion. Not everyone agrees that Air Purifier is a medical device. Many people think of it as household appliances.

However, many people call it a medical device. The reason behind this is that this air purifier creates a safety zone for you by absorbing the harmful symptoms.

In simple terms, an air purifier is an indoor air purifier. The air purifier keeps the air free of choline just as any airborne germs do not attack it. In a word, an air purifier should be called a pneumatic medical device.

Classify Your Medical Device

In the United States, the quality of air purifiers is determined by the FDA. Medical purifier devices include h13 Hepa filters. This filter is capable of capturing 99.99%.

It can capture up to 99.99% of the effectiveness of an air purifier. Medical purifier devices provide standard quality. These purifiers are capable of filtering SARS Cov-2. These medical purifier devices can capture up to 99.99% of a 1-micron cone of any germ. However, it is not effective in destroying the coronavirus.

The requirement of an air purifier as a medical device

Air purifiers are considered as an essential product of the house. However, to be qualified as a medical device, it has to be proved by its work. An air purifier must maintain any positive effect on food and air purification, to apply the above positive impact of any medicine. With the addition of such a level, the air purifier is considered as a medical device. It would be best to use an air purifier to give you medical protection for such positive protection.

On the other hand, the air purifier’s above type of performance did not mean any increase. But we can only hope that it will improve in the age of the industrial revolution. Its filter usually filters an air purifier in any decade. But apparently, air purifiers are not made as air purifiers. They are made as medical applied to U-locket air. But after testing its chambers, it was promoted as an air purifier. Another reason to call it a medical device is to reduce the amount of biological and gaseous air pollutants. Although it cannot be called a medical device for sure, mechanical and HEPA air purifiers are among the best available items in the market today.

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What is aerus air purifier? Procedure:

The Aerus air purifier causes air to circulate inside the room by its internal fan. By allowing air to enter, it disinfects from the internal HEPA filter and causes airflow. This is one of the reasons why the Aerus air purifier is the best at present. Before air escapes from the inside of the filter, it is purified by ultraviolet rays and metal-based catalysts from the Actipure cell. This is because UV rays produce super ions and hydroxyl radicals to give all compounds a non-pathogenic shape. UV rays enter the air of the filter to provide shape. Now the question is what is the molecule of the activator?

Activator molecules fill the room with air. These activated molecules accelerate detecting and inactivating any microscopic pathogens in RNA and DNA viruses 717 and bacteria. Through this deactivation technology, the air is germ-free. Any international health organization including Spain, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Thailand advises on ways to purify the air using this Active Ur technology.

Aerus air scrubber

Aerus Air Scrubber works with Actipure technology. It kills more than 99 percent of airborne contaminants in a state-of-the-art process using UVC light rays.

This air scrubber removes air pollution, dust, pet odours, VOCs and any type of odour through the HVAC system ducts. It is a highly effective technology that keeps the environment healthy. This scrubber purifier has a 12 volt VC car adapter. It has an AC adapter, and its voltage is 100 to 4040 and 50/60 Hz. It also has interchangeable plugs. There is also a mounting base and a stand made of a permanent wire.

Aerus air purifier replacement bulb:

This is a T5 ultraviolet UV 254 sterile type bulb. It is one hundred percent suitable for air scrubbers and 8/12 in length and has four pins. This ultraviolet bulb is easy and affordable to replace. It is essential to get it out of your AVAC before you can return it. First, you need to turn off the HVAC system. Then unplug the power from both the UV bulb and the HVAC.

Beyond to Aerus:

Since 1924, it has been inventing various innovative and revolutionary technologies aimed at improving natural well-being and quality of life. It has been able to improve people’s lives by using technology through some unique processes. It has created technology to maintain a clean and tidy environment. It has developed technology to ensure purity to ensure our comfortable living. This includes the world’s only space technology, and it is certified. It has ensured the health of our astronauts in space by creating technology. However, the bottom line is that it provides various refining technologies to improve our quality of life and keep us healthy.

How to find the real certified medical grade air purifier?

The United States released a list of American Medical Air Filters named first to the third class medical credit air purifiers. In the first and third quarters, The USMAFCO released a list of about 57 medical air filters, both large and small. The medical plan gives guidelines on how to understand in practice. They make it clear that you should use such medical air filters to treat any respiratory disease. But if someone promises you to get rid of cancer or other significant disorders by medical air filters, they are fake. Therefore, companies that do not have an agreement with the FDA can only be considered unnatural.

Is medical grade air purifier thoroughly disinfect the air?

So far no air purifier has been discovered that removes 99.99% of germs from the air. However, any air purifier company or the FDA states that medical air purifiers protect the air from up to 50 percent of airborne particles and germs. However, in the age of the technology revolution, companies are trying to purify the air completely.

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Why kind of air purifiers do hospital use? 

What type of air filler will be used in the hospital is a matter of discussion. The hospital needs to use a powerful air purifier of the environment which will be able to provide clean air by destroying various contaminants in the hospital. Such an air filter is Modern Alchemy Air Purifier. It provides clean air to the public by removing various fungus, dust, pollen, and mold seeds

Can a dirty air purifier make you sick?

Yes, a contaminated air purifier can make you sick. Not only can cause your cough, odour and chest tightness, but it also causes some degree of severe health damage. It can cause inflammation of the throat and lungs. So stay away from using dirty and ozone emitting air purifiers and be careful about using air purifiers.

Do air purifiers reduce sickness?

An air purifier is undoubtedly able to clean the air in your home, preventing airborne diseases. Air purifiers can kill a variety of flu and viruses, bacteria. It purifies the air and helps you sleep well and comfortably. It helps boost your immune system. So please use an air purifier at your home and office.


Air purifiers are not a medical device. But it is called a second-class medical device for providing some of its portable filtration systems. They cannot remove all kinds of germs from the earth, but they remove bacteria, viruses, dust, mould seeds, pollen and airborne diseases from the air. It is an instrument of healthy living.

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