10 Best Stone Water Filters for Home

Best stone water filter

Natural drinking water is a great concern nowadays, especially for the people who live in the city. Among all other purification processes, the best stone water filter for the home gives us chemical-free purification, like deep tube wells or natural springs.

A stone water filter is an excellent solution to hygienic water.Water filter isneeded for a healthy normal life, it not for luxury.

What is a stone filter?

Stone water filter system is a modern technology that infuses natural minerals back into the water after filtering it by the help of selected minerals. It acts like what nature does to purify water. The procedure gives the water the taste like you & your family will consider that came from a mountain spring.

The system can be used like a natural filter to purify the supply of water. This natural water purifier can clean water from all metals, organic compounds, bacteria & harmful microorganisms. A common type of stone water filter consists of a large storage compartment to pour water in the first place.

With the force of gravity, the water passes through the microporous ceramic walls of the filter under the storage tank.Couples of layers of stones are combined in a package filter media. Water passes through all the layers and gives us pure drinking water.

Consider When Choosing the Best Stone Water Filter for Home

There are many options in the market. Buyers are confused at the time of buying a water purifier for homes. Choosing the best stone filter water purifier as it ensures good health of our families.


Regular maintenance is important for the purification system as it is purified by different filters. Before buying it, consider the service & overall maintenance cost. Many of the water purifiers have an annual maintenance cost that depends on the usage of water & not a fixed yearly cost.

With purifiers, you can save annual costs while enjoying undisturbed customer service if have any.

Checking the quality of water

Check the source of the tap water & test for salinity, hardness & Total Dissolved Solids levels. For the TDS levels under 500 ppm, the water is easily consumable. If the level of dissolved solids is over 1000 ppm, the water is unhealthy.

After identifying the source of your tap water, choose the best water purifier for home. Municipality water TDS is 200ppm. Groundwater TDS is between 200 to 500ppm & borewell water TDS is more than 500ppm.

Purification process

Choose from a range of water purifiers depending on the quality & source of water. Reverse Osmosis purification technology is used for water with higher TDS levels more than 500ppm.

It filters particulates, heavy metals, minerals by membranes & provides purified water. For TDS less than 200ppm, choose Ultra Violet filtration technology that can remove hazards but at the same time retakes essential minerals. For the TDS level within 200 to 500 ppm, use a filtering device & UV device. It also can add essential minerals like Calcium & Magnesium in the RO purified water.

Extra safety features

Before selecting a water purifier, always look for extra features & functionality. Filters are the most essential part for water purification. We use them over & over, and end up drinking impure water. It is critical to change when they expire. They come with a double purity lock that will warn you within 15 days just before the filter is expired & auto shut off feature will cut off the water supply if they are not changed. It guarantees totally pure water in each glass of water.

It’s storage capacity

Depending on the family’s everyday water consumption, calculate the required capacity of your water purifier. If there are frequent electricity fluctuations, it will work well. Consider 8 liters for 4 people. Choose 10 liters for 6 people and for more than 6 people, the recommended volume is 10 liters.

Consider those tips to choose the best stone water purifier system for the well being of your family.

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The Best Stone Water Filter Reviews

Here, the best water filters on the market.

1. Nikken Gravity Advanced Technology Water Filter Purifier System

This is a fantastic water system that comes complete with filters and stones. Everything is complete according to the directions in the box & it’s very simple to put it together. You can drink more water throughout the day. The water tastes good. You will really like it’s shape, design, size & ease of use. This will give you natural filtration.

The system has a couple of filtering stages that successfully removes a variety of drinking water elements. The process turns tap water into spring-like fresh water. The elements that are usually present in the supply water turn into alkaline due to the filter installed in it.

At the same time, chlorine is successfully removed by the system. This water is good to wash fruits, vegetables and kitchen stuff. You need no electricity or batteries to run the package. A water supply source is the only thing that it needs. The gravitational force will do all the job for the whole process. The lightweight package is very convenient and portable to set up in any place.

Install it on hunting, vacation, camping travel and in your office. You can also supply water from cottages, sinks or RVs. The filter cartridge will last for about 90 days on average use. You can measure the total amount of 900 liters of filtering water in case it is used in huge amounts. Any measurement comes first.

Just in case if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days and that will be taken care of.

What We Like

  • Easy to setup by following the instruction manual
  • The design, shape and size is unique
  • Strictly removes different types of drinking water contaminants
  • Acidic ions and chlorine free out flow of pure water
  • It doesn’t need any power, the gravity does the whole work

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes leakage can happen due to lack of proper maintenance

2. Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter & Alkaline Free

In this process, we have five stages of filtration. Remove heavy metal, chloramines & control microorganisms. Removes odor & chlorine with Coconut Shell activated carbon. Raises the pH level, hydrates the body & removes impurities by adding minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium.

Removes Odor & Chlorine with coconut shell activated carbon. Raises the water’s pH by lowering acidity with calcite. If the customer’s water is very clean, the filter will last a lot longer. It could last for 800 gallons. The system can remove chlorine, sediment and limestone.

Cryptosporidium, Giardia cysts, mercury and harmful pesticides are also removed by it. Designed to fit right on the kitchen counter & connects easily to most standard kitchen faucets.

The required hardware is included for easy installation. Remove the screen from the faucet & screw on the collar of the product diverter valve. Stop wasting money on disposable bottles of water that just need to be thrown away when empty that is not eco-friendly.

Throwing millions of water bottles will make our World out of our league. Join the plastic-free World. Don’t drag around heavy water jugs to have fresh clean drinking water, have APEX water filters to solve the problem. Unwanted water bottles will be removed by having the filtered water source at your own home.

The water your family drinks is completely safe & healthy. The product is made in the USA.

What We Like

  • Five stage filtering process
  • Removes unhealthy elements and microorganisms
  • Contaminants found in tap water like sediment, chlorine & radon are removed
  • Simple to install on kitchen counter
  • National Safety Foundation certified water filter safety standards & requirements are followed

What We Don’t Like

  • Very poor water quality that can clog the filter within a very short amount of time

3. Waterstone Replacement Filter 2 Pack

Forget about drinking nasty tap water. Waterstone Multi Stage Filtration System is a compact system. It is specially designed to give the best filtration within a single cartridge. Such filters can easily remove chlorine, sediment, bad taste & odor from the supply drinking water.

The system works in multi-stages. Its cartridges contain 2 sediment pre-filters & a GAC which means granulated activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a natural thing to eliminate bad odors and microorganisms from a media. Primary filters that work together for removing chlorine taste, sediment & odor. It has a single cartridge & multi-stage replaceable filter.

In the first stage, there is a 20-micron pre-filter which is followed by the 2nd stage 5 micron pre filter along with a final stage GAC and which means Granular Activated Carbon filter. It measures less than 7 inches in width & depth the unit takes the minimal under sink cabinet space & it also can be floor or wall-mounted.

It is very easy to remove & replace cartridges and that has a 1000 gallon system life span rating. Specially made working with WS 300 safety valve. It fits as an OEM replacement filter for the filter system. On average, the total capacity of handling water is 1 K gallon. Can be adjusted with various types of electric sources. It meets the NSF ( National Science Foundation ) standards 42 & 53.

What We Like

  • Chlorine, sediment, bad taste & odor from supply water can easily be remove
  • Multi stage purification system
  • Granulated activated charcoal is used here for effective purification
  • 1 K gallon of water can successfully be handled by the system without changing refill
  • No harmful ingredient is added for making it

What We Don’t Like

  • There is no indicator to make sure when it’s time to change the filter

4. AquaTru Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

AquaTru is made of Tritan plastic that is used in best selling food blenders. Plastic should not be for filtered water storage. It is safer to have a good quality stainless steel or glass reservoir than plastic ones. Tritan was tested by independent third party labs & the results have described that it’s safe & free of androgenic & estrogenic work.

Transfer the purified water into a glass pitcher after the filtering process if you want to avoid all plastics. The tank has a full sensor. When the tank is full, filtering stops automatically. When the filtered water is dispensed from the tank, it will begin filtering water till your filtered water tank is full.

The tap water tank was depleted. If there is water in the tap water tank, the water unit will keep the filtered water tank full with water. If the tank needs to be emptied of waste water & refilled, a large indicator on the front display will show you.

It is certified for removing microplastics, toxins, hormones, arsenic, cancer linked contaminants, carcinogens, lead, chromium & drug residue toxins that are found in tap water. It’s very easy to set up the package. Using this you are saving the world by avoiding too many plastic water bottles.

What We Like

  • This water purifier is very fast compared to others, it is easy to filter a lot of water
  • Installation process is easy, no plumber needed
  • Comes in a low cost and eco friendly stuff
  • Very easy to use, even children can operate it

What We Don’t Like

  • Ammonia should be taken care of separately

5. ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter

It guarantees zero dissolved solids in your drinking water. This applies to organic and inorganic compounds. In general, organic compounds make the worst smells compared to inorganic elements. Advanced filtration uses a five stages filtering process. Different filtering layers of different elements for a successful filtering process.

The filtered water is good for your tea or coffee. It comes in different volumes from 6 to 40 cups. The test shows that fluoride levels dropped to < 0.05 ppm & continuously drops when well pulled from the test. So, Zero Water does in fact filter out fluoride. They filter out mercury & chromium.

The activated carbon in the filter system is specially designed to filter organic compounds which many pharmaceuticals have. It removes fluoride but if the water is heavily fluoridated, the filter will be used up quickly. Replace the filter at .02-.04 for fluoride removal.

We know that only reverse osmosis systems handle fluoride completely. But the problem is, reverse osmosis takes out all minerals that your body needs. Some of the chemicals will evaporate if you pour it into the filter system. This helps filters to last longer.

It helps if you run the tap before you fill up. Many impurities rise to the top of the pipe as it sits. You get clean water if you run it a little.

What We Like

  • Comes in different volumes for your special consideration
  • Five advanced level filtration for proper filtration process
  • Both organic and inorganic compounds can be removed by it

What We Don’t Like

  • For a heavy duty machine you need to buy a bigger one

6. Invigorated Alkaline Water Ionizer Countertop Water Filtration System

The filter will optimize your well being providing many advantages at the micro-level. Mental calmness is observed by achieving an improved energy level. The aging process is reversed. The Detoxing process occurs and is good for weight management. It is easy to fill the pH recharger very easily by lifting the lid cover & pouring water without moving the unit.

There is a schedule the timer reminds you when it’s time to change the filter & enjoy clean water all the time. Uniquely designed that pours the required amount & then seals the unit for hygiene. The countertop unit will stand its ground. It can avoid accidents & enjoy very clean & delicious water anytime and every time.

This is good for city drinking water & well water. The cleaner water from these will last the filters longer & can be used with any potable water source like bottled, tap, RO or distilled water. You need to fill the reservoir once then use the water & then fill it again.

In case you fill the reservoir more than once at a time, water will leak out over the sides. The unfiltered water will mix with the filtered water below.

What We Like

  • Rises pH level & produces tiny molecular sized water
  • Breaks down the water molecules into structured patterns that can be recognized by the body cells for easy absorption & better hydration
  • Can filter out particles & impurities like dust & sand
  • It decreases the negative potential of the water by creating high antioxidant water neutralizing free radicals on a cellular level
  • It can remove chlorine, fluoride, chloramine & heavy metals & add Ca, Mg,I, Zn etc

What We Don’t Like

  • Overfilling the reservoir can cause leaking issues sometimes

7. Invigorated Water Filter Pitcher with Multi Stage Filtration System

If well water has a peculiar taste, then try it. The filter helps to remove impurities that are mixed into water. The latest version of the filters has GAC carbon, Zeolite & a couple of other minerals. Zeolite is a natural crystal that is proven to remove a high percentage of chloramines, heavy metals, chlorine & fluoride from the supply of water.

Lab test results show that a good percentage of elements are removed. The materials used in the filters were tested by authority bodies & independent ISO labs & their own in-house engineer-driven lab testing facilities for ensuring quality from the beginning.

What We Like

  • The system breaks down water molecules to structured patterns that is recognized by your cells for easy absorption & better hydration
  • It will reduce all the negative charges of the water & create antioxidant water by neutralizing every free radicals
  • Remineralizes water adding selenium, iron, zinc, calcium, lithium,magnesium, iodine & other minerals with trace elements
  • Increases pH level & produces small molecular sized water

What We Don’t Like

  • It can possibly take away excess chemicals like pesticides & turn it into alkaline water

8. Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System

Zen Water Systems will transform the tap water into crisp clean water. It uses only gravity & transforms any potable or tap water. Nature’s water filtration & mineralization process for creating your own source of mountain spring water.

It uses natural water filtration materials without the help of chemicals or other synthetic substances & micro-ceramic filters contain millions of tiny pores that size 0.2 to 0.5 micron in size that removes about 99% microorganisms, trap harmful contaminants.

Most effectively reduce pesticides, man-made chemicals, herbicides & toxins. Silica sand has superb absorbent qualities for removing impurities in your body. Infrared ceramic balls are used like alternative medicine for increasing enzyme activity & boosting metabolism, improving memory function, strength, regulating blood pressure & vitality.

What We Like

  • Easy assembly, filter prep & maintenance
  • Contains micro ceramic & 5 stage mineral filter, maifan mineral stones, magnetic spigot
  • Ideal for your office, home, the dorm & cabin
  • Multiple capacity options available like vitality 4 & active 8 gallon countertop
  • Filter life span is approximately 6 month or 500 gallons that come first

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not filter fluoride out of the water

9. Santevia Gravity Water System – Countertop Model

The Santevia water filters increase the pH of the water to 2 units to create a smooth & silky taste. It increases your body’s ability to neutralize high acidity. Acidity can lead to poor health & chronic illness.

It also filters to reduce impurities from water & then adds essential minerals to create pure & mineralized water. Minimize hazardous chemicals that are found in tap water like pharmaceuticals, chlorine & fluoride along with heavy metals like lead.

A reverse osmosis filter first removes fluoride & other contaminants & then runs it through the Santevia for remineralization & alkalization. Mineral ions like magnesium, calcium & other trace minerals to fortify the water.

What We Like

  • Raise the pH of the water by up to +2.0 units creating a smooth & silky taste
  • It has 8 stage processes for total purification.
  • Highly porous Maifan mineral stones help to ionize minerals into the water that aid in oxygenation & alkalization.

What We Don’t Like

  • Need to be cleaned from time to time to remove deposits

10. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water

The Pitcher uses a 5 stage filters system with 2 different filter materials for purifying the water. Starts with 2 high dense activated coconut carbon filter layers for filtering the water to 2 microns.

Carbon is the most preferred choice for water purification than charcoal filters. The coconut carbon layer grabs a hold of chemicals like Fluoride Chlorine & holds them to the filter.

These 2 layers are effective for trapping the contaminants. Other layers of the Epic Pure Water Pitcher use an organic filter called the Epic Extreme Organic Filter. They are used to grab heavy metals Lead & Arsenic.

What We Like

  • The water tastes good
  • The drip process takes only about 10 minutes after the filter is primed

What We Don’t Like

  • Need to follow rules to avoid leakage

Stone Water Filter System

In general, stone water systems use reverse osmosis type. This can be placed on any corner of the house or over a higher place or table. On the top of the system, there is a water container. Supply water is poured into it. Don’t pour it completely.

There is a possibility of overflow or leakage of water from any portion of the system. In some tanks, there might be some filter paper before the entrance of the water tank. This removes elementary dirt particles. Below the tank, there is a ceramic stone. It has tiny pores in it. This gives further separation.

After that, the water then enters into some layers of small stones. The stone layers are so organized that it separates particles from smaller to larger ones. The pure water is then stored in the lower compartment to serve.

After using it for a couple of months you need some refills to be changed specially the porcelain part, the filter media and filter stone package.

Benefits of stone water filter

There are many technologies available in the market. Among them, we have some benefits over others. First of all the filtering process doesn’t involve any chemical process. It works under a mechanical process called reverse osmosis. Gravity is the driving force here.

 Larger particles can be removed by filter media. Smaller particles are removed by porcelain and stones. This will give a natural process to filter supply water. The initial cost is not that much. Refilling parts are easily available and cheap.

On average they need to be changed after a couple of months. All the parts of the filter media are made of nontoxic elements. In this way, we can have more benefits over others.

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How does stone filter water?

There is a package of different sizes of stones in the stone filter media. Water with impurities enters the stone package and the microelements and microorganisms are stuck into the gaps of the small stones. There are various types of stones in the package. From smaller to medium and from medium to larger are arranged in a simultaneous manner.

How do you clean a stone filter?

The cleaning process is easy. Detach all the parts of the filter to the opposite like you did while installing it. Rinse all the parts with clean water. If you use soapy water, then rinse it vigorously until the smell of soap goes away. After that keep all the parts under the Sun so that any kinds of gas and odor can go away from it. Change the refill if it’s the time to do it. Then reattach them just like a new one.

Can water be filtered by rocks?

Most of the water we drink every day comes from the ground and is totally pure. Many of the impurities are very tiny. Many of them are large enough to remove by a handmade filtration system. You can make yourself by using sand u0026amp; rocks. Remember that this filter is not as good as the commercial ones.

Final thoughts

To summarize, the best stone water filter for home is undoubtedly an important device. Therefore, consider all the factors that make the best one. Because you won’t compromise anything for the sake of the well-being of your family. Changing the refill is important otherwise it won’t do the thing it is supposed to do.

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