Does Air Purifier Cool the Room?

How Effectively Air Purifiers Cool Your Living Room?

Most people quickly get influenced by air purifiers’ marketing advertisements, and questions pop up in their minds like these: Does air purifier cool the room? Are Air Purifiers The Same As Fans?

Well, it doesn’t. No air purifier can control the temperature of your rooms like the air conditioners do.

If you are looking for the answers before getting yourself a new Air Purifier instead of an Air conditioner or want to purchase both, keep reading. You will find some fantastic answers which will boost confidence while buying your new appliance to control your room temperature like never before.

Why Don’t Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry?

Do you know why air purifiers unable to make the air dry? Because it lacks a suitable device or system to do so and instead works as a fan device. This is why it cannot change the humidity level of your room air. But, it’s highly compatible with trapping the explicit pollutant particles. However, air conditioners can dry out the air for its dedicated humidifier function system, reducing moisture from the air.

Does air purifier cool the room?

Not only an air purifier is unable to cool down any room, but also, it can’t raise the room temperature. This appliance was invented to filter and circulate the airflow only. There is no existence of any evaporator inside it. A usual air purifier consists of some filters and a dedicated motor fan inside to produce breathable air in your room continuously. But still, most people commonly think air purifiers blow out the cold air. This happens due to excessive airflow of low-temperature air. People notice this only when the fan speed is higher.

So, if someone asks again, do air purifiers make a room cold? Just let them know that the usual air purifier completely unable to make their room cold. A simple reason to explain this is that it can produce enough fan speed to cool the room completely.

What can you do instead to cool down your room?

5 Ideas to Cool Down Your Room Instantly

In the following, we have added some suggestions so that you get some idea on how to cool a room or make your living space breathable:

1. Ceiling fan: A Handy Solution

A ceiling fan is an amazing and effective way to cool down your room in a matter of seconds. You will also save your electric bill if you use this instead of an air conditioner.

2. Fans or Cooler Combo: Different Set up to Cool your Area

You can also set up multiple standing fans or table fans in a different configuration to properly control your room temperature.

3. Open the windows

Your living space should have proper airflow to ensure natural breathing space. A perfect sized and properly placed window setting is highly suggested to control the room temperature.

Another good idea would be to buy a cooler to use a combo of air purifier and cooler. Though, it might cost a little more than the usual fans.

4. Control the Light Sources

Multiple sources of light can heat the room. Whenever you feel to lower down the temperature, check to cover your light sources to control the temperatures. Usually, LEDs tend to produce a lot of heat spectrum in subsequent areas. It’s better to switch most of your highly energized LEDs.

5. Air Conditioning Unit to Consider

You are feeling the heatwaves too much! It’s high time to install an air conditioner to cool down the room effectively. An air conditioner will make your living more comfortable and help you control your room temperature much smoothly. You can also think of a portable air conditioner that will help portable usage, especially you will have the benefits of using the portable air conditioner almost anywhere in your living space as per your comforts.

Are Air Purifiers the Same as Fans?

What do you say? Is Orange is as same as an Apple? You would completely deny it, wouldn’t you? Well, the same answer goes for the fan and the Air purifier. Both are entirely different in case of the procedures. A fan usually circulates the room air.

On the other hand, an air purifier filters the pollutants from the room air. Also, don’t forget that Air purifiers benefit a lot more than the usual fans. Air Purifiers helps to clean the air so that you can breathe well.

Electric fans lack this function. Instead, it can circulate the air and cool in a lot better way.

Which One to Pick? Fan or Air Purifier

Are you probably wondering which one would be more suitable for you? Is it better to have a budget cooling fan or an effective air purifier? Does an air purifier cool the room effectively than an electric fan?

The thing is, you are the one who can answer it well.

Both of the appliances come in handy depending on the application you expect from them. Sometimes you might be expecting a perfect sleep amid a summer night. Then a quality standard fan is the best solution for you. But, if you are troubling with a breathing issue, an air purifier can help you the most for that scenario. You will also love an air purifier if you want to get rid of some odor from your room.

Some people suffer from dust allergies, and also breathing is highly sensitive to them. An air purifier is a complete solution if you belong to this community.

Moreover, the best enjoyable result can be found by applying the air purifier fan combo.

Using an air purifier and fan at the same time will let you utilize more options to control the airflow of your room.

Benefits of an Air Purifier

For any home, an air purifier is highly beneficial to get rid of unwanted pollutants. It ensures a healthy life for all ages of family members. Children and older people will feel less suffocated and have a much happy time every day. An air purifier is a worldwide recognized way to balance the air purity magically.

Setting up an air purifier will help you against the following particles/pollutants instantly:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Molds
  • VOCs

Special Filters You should Consider

High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA air purifier is one kind of mechanical air filter. It is so popular and highly effective for filtering dangerous pollutants. Using this special category air filter can help you eliminate dangerous airborne particles, helping you stay away from allergies in any dangerous condition.

Do air purifier work?

An air purifier is a device designed to clean the air in your home. Air purifiers can destroy up to five times the amount of dust, fumes, odors, and pollutants in your home. “Smoking or exposure to airborne contaminants should not be allowed for a short time,” said Dr. Ryan Rotten of Medicine at the Red and Hospital in California. Symptoms of asthma can appear in people in this short time.

This is because the more concentrated these air pollutants are, the more likely they are to have high carbon dioxide levels. Carbon dioxide can cause headaches. Even severe problems like COPD or asthma can manifest. Air purifiers can neutralize air pollution and problems caused by its operation. The reality is that many air purifiers cannot work according to their hype.

Filter Air Purifiers and Air Purifiers with Fans

High-efficiency particulate Air is calling HEPA air purifier for short. They have holes like the beginning of human hair of different sizes. These are called fine fiberglass threads. The filter type is sealed in an aerated plastic or metal frame and comprises very dense sheets of small private fibers.

The purifier’s fan filter traps dust, airborne minerals, and small particles. Particles of slightly larger size are captured, particles of medium size are captured by touch, and very fine particles are captured by hitting.

The direction of airflow

The ceiling fan works in two ways- a winter mode and a summer mode. When it is counterclockwise, it is called summer mode, and when it is counterclockwise, it is called winter mode. In summer mode, the direction of flow of the fan air flows towards us.

Winter mode The direction of the air in the ceiling fan flows in our opposite direction. In this mode, the hot air from the roof is drawn towards us. We have already said that air purifiers work like fans. If you have acted like Sen, then their activities will be like a fan, and the direction of airflow will be like a fan.

Airflow and direction of air purifier

Upward airflow: Most air purifiers use an upward airflow direction to ventilate the house. In this case, the air purifier draws a 360-degree direction. Yet you will not feel cold because these will push the hot air on the roof towards you. The hot brother will push him and make your house hotter. It is easy to say that air purifiers will not give you any additional benefits in winter or summer.

Forward Air Flow: Such air purifiers are of linear intake or outflow design. These also bring the rear wind to the front. That means the direction of their airflow is towards you. Wherever you are, the cold air will blow towards you. These types of air purifiers can benefit you in the summer season.

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1. How to keep the room cool with an air purifier?

Air purifiers cannot exceed the temperature of a room at once. This is a fan. However, the method of air transfer will be effective in cold climates of residential areas. Air purifiers usually include at least 1 to 3 filters. There are many low air purifiers with extra filters that keep the house cool.

2. Why are air purifiers able to blow out cold air?

The cooling units that air conditioners carry are not present in air purifiers. Cooling units usually reduce the temperature of the cold air. You feel cold because air things act like two-dimensional foam. Two-dimensional fans attract air by pushing. However, the more the two-dimensional fans cool the house, the cooler the air purifiers’ process will be.

3. How does the Dyson air purifier also heat and cool a room?

The Dyson Air Purifier cools the room. Cooling the air through filters and fans prevents the hot flow of air. However, on hot days, it has some limitations. Then its effectiveness decreases, and it cannot keep the house cool. But Dyson’s best job is to clean the air. Dyson cools the room as a combination of fans, bulbs, and a fridge.


By now, you have understood how much the air purifiers will be at room temperature. In short, air purifiers do not reduce the room temperature in such away. These will allow you to cool down, but it is unreasonable to expect them to lower the room temperature. I can use air purifiers all year round. These will refuse to work after a few seasons.

Does air purifier cool the room? Air purifiers usually change the direction of airflow. These act like fans. Put, if you are in the direction of airflow, you will feel cool. If you are opposite to the direction of airflow, I will not feel. An air purifier usually does not cool the house but changes the airflow direction to make you feel cool.

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