Is an air purifier good for dry eyes?

Is an air purifier good for dry eyes?

Is an air purifier good for dry eyes? Yes, your eyes’ inner tears cannot adequately lubricate, but you will have dry eye disease. There can be many reasons for tears to dry. One of the reasons for this may be if your eyes fail to produce enough tears. Sometimes your eyes have irritating tears. Irritating tears will cause inflammation in your eyes. This type of inflammation damages the surface of the eyes and skin.

Dry eyes will make you feel uncomfortable. However, there are some special reasons for dry eyes. You will experience dry eyes, such as on a plane, in a heat-controlled room, while riding a bike, or looking at a computer screen. The treatment will make your dry eyes comfortable. Treatment changes people’s lifestyles. 

There are some symptoms of dry eyes. You may need to stay in the medical system indefinitely to control the symptoms.

Dry eye syndrome

The following symptoms will appear in dry eyes:

  • Inflammation of the eyes
  • Burning or burning sensation
  • The mucus around the eyes is sensitive to light
  • Attitude that has something in the eye
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Difficulty wearing lenses
  • Having difficulty driving
  • Dry eye pain will cause a reaction all over the body
  • Eye fatigue or blurred vision

What causes dry eyes?

There are many reasons for dry eyes. These are damages the tear film. The tear film is dividing into three layers: aqueous liquid, fatty oil, and mucus. These layers can be dry due to any problem. The combination of the three keeps the eyes smooth, clean and lubricated.

When the tear film does not work, it causes autoimmune diseases, hormone changes, hormone failure, hormonal secretion problems, allergies, and swollen eye glands. Sometimes the cause of dry eyes is increased tear evaporation, decreased production.

Decreased tear production

If you are not able to produce enough aqueous fluid, then the eyes will feel dry. Treatment of dry eye is called Kera to conjunctivitis. Why is tear production declining?

  • Your eyes may dry out as you get older.
  • Allergic diseases, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis, Graft Host Disease, Thyroid Disorder (Vitamin A Deficiency) All of these treatments can cause dry eyes.
  • Medications for decongestants, antihistamines, antidepressants, hormone therapy, acne, birth control, Parkinson’s, and hypertension.
  • Nerve damage, wearing eye contact lenses, laser surgery on the eyes, corneal nerve sensitivity, resulting in dry eyes. Usually, these symptoms are temporary.


If you have dry eyes, you will experience the following complications:

Eye Infections: Tears help protect the surface of the eye from infection. If the tears are not adequate in the eyes, the risk of disease will increase.

Deterioration of the eye’s surface: If left untreated, dry eyes will cause inflammation of your eyes. Corneal ulcers, vision loss, and friction of the corneal skin can occur.

Decreased quality of life: Dry eyes can make daily activities difficult. So, how can you relieve your dry eye?

How can I relieve my dry eyes?


Medications used to treat dry eyes: If there is inflammation in the eyelids, then that inflammation protects your tears from the oil glands. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to reduce this inflammation. Antibiotics are usually taken orally for dry eyes.

However, there are also some hydrops and ointments for dry eyes. Your prescribed antibiotics include cyclosporine or corticosteroids. It is a preventative drug and control inflammation of your eyelids. 

Corticosteroids have some side effects. So you should not use this medicine for a long time. Otherwise, side effects may harm your eyes.

The insertions of the eyes are exactly like tears ad; it also works like tears. If you experience a slight or intense dryness in your eyes and your eye implants do not work, then apply hydroxypropyl cellulose to your eyelids once a day. After insertion, it dissolves very slowly and brings out a substance present in tears.

Tears stimulants are calling as cholinergically, cevimeline, pilocarpine. These are working to increase tears inside the eyes. These are available in the market as pills, eye drops, and gels. These drugs also have some side effects. Sweat is one of them. Some eye drops are making from your body’s blood, calling autologous blood serum drops. It would be best if you had red blood cells to make these eye drops. These eye drops will make by removing red blood cells from a sample of your blood and mixing the sault solution.


  • Avoid air friction in the eyes.
  • Increase humidity in the air.
  • Be more careful in using sunglasses or protective goggles.
  • Rest the eyes occasionally at work.
  • Have an apparent attitude about the environment.
  • Ensure that the height of the computer screen is not equal to the eye level’s size.
  • Avoid smoke.
  • Make artificial tears.

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Can air purifier cause dry eyes:

One of the causes of dry eyes is air minerals. Air purifiers separate the air minerals from the air through a filter and release the minerals’ air. Another reason for dry eyes is airflow. Air purifiers change the flow of air through the filter. As a result, the airflow does not move towards anyone. An air purifier is a type of air replacement. An air purifier changes the air condition.

The primary function of air purifiers is to separate harmful substances from the air. If separated, it can be free from various airborne diseases. Many airborne allergens are known as mold seeds, pollen, pet shells, and dust mites. The following symptoms that allergens enter your body with inhalation are sneezing, sore throat, dry cough, headache, dry eyes, and watery eyes.

Humidifier for dry eyes

1.19% of people suffer from conjunctivitis or dry eye pain. If you are one of them, you will naturally face uncomfortable situations. In sleep, the eyes are often slightly open, and the tears do not have to be too dry to dry overnight. And as a result, you will suffer from dry eye pain. 

Humidifier has a positive effect on dry eyes and helps to sleep peacefully. It is handy, especially for children. Long-term use of humidifiers will significantly improve your eyesight. As well as this, it will change the superb condition of your skin.

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1. Can air purifier cause dry eyes?

Using an air purifier structure to filter indoor wind can help fight outside air pollution that motivates dry eye symptoms. Residents who stay in dirty towns have been much more likely to feel dry eye symptoms, consistent with Science regularly.

2. Does sleeping with a humidifier help dry eyes?

Low humidity with inside the air can purpose dry eye signs. If you feel bad in the daylight, you will need a humidifier for your comfort in the bedroom. A humidifier provides mist to the wind. It can counteract dry eyes and decrease your signs.

3. What do air purifier do?

Typically air purifiers have no way to shape the humidity of the air. Filters capture air particles. The cleaners let the air in before catching it. Although they do not purify the air well, they have a positive effect on dry eyes.

Bottom lines

Is an air purifier good for dry eyes? The debate is long overdue. Every effort has been making to answer the questions. Questions make confusing to many over time. I repeat, air purifiers are not harmful to dry eyes. Rather the purifiers have a positive effect.

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