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So, it’s time to get the answer to the question- “Is boiling tap water the same as filtered water?” What do you think- should there be any difference between boiled tap water and filtered tap water? Well, if you don’t know the difference exactly then this content is for you.

Apart from the differences you know there is the importance of both boiled and filtered water according to the situation. The analysis of boiled water and filtered water will clear you about the properties and the effect of drinking them. Again, your using purpose also depends on the types of water.

In this content, you are going to know about boiled and filtered water and the difference between them. The advantages and disadvantages of both boiled water and filtered water will help you to make you understand. Moreover, some additional tips will help you to make a drinking habit. So, without further I do, let’s start.

Need to Drink Pure Water. WHY?

As you know, people can’t live without drinking water. So, the water should be pure enough to flush out all the toxins from your body as water can do this. Again, in the human body, the percentage of water is 70-73% where the water also helps you to digest.

If you don’t drink pure water, then it will cause the body and mind dysfunctionality which is very harmful to your future body and mental stability. Dehydration is also one of the main causes of feeling ill when you don’t drink adequate pure drinking water.
If you notice that your hair is falling constantly without any reason, then you need to understand that you are drinking impure water. The pure water helps to improve your skin and hair and offer you a healthy life.
Pure water also helps mankind to lose their weight which is very important to know for those who want to reduce their weight. 

Analyzing Boiled Water

The method of boiling water came from the past when civilized society was born to live. From that time people knew that boil water can kill germs and bacteria. Today, we all know that the germs and bacteria can’t live in high temperatures as the outer shell of the bacteria gets destroyed.
When the protective layer is destroyed the bacteria dies eventually. According to the scientist- you need to boil water for 30 minutes so that the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius. There are many advantages and disadvantages of boiled water which you should know.

Advantages of Boiled Water

As you know that you don’t need to buy any extra equipment for boiling water and it is a cost-saving method. Everyone can boil water if they have the fire to light and we all know that fire is available in every home in today’s life.
Boiling water can kill harmful germs and offer you pure water. Again, the temperature of the boiled water helps to illuminate the dissolved substances from the water.

In the illness time, boil water works as a medicine. Some of the experts suggest the old person drink the boiled water every time they drink.

Disadvantages of Boiled Water

There are some disadvantages to boiled water also. You will have a required minimum of 30 minutes to boil the water which means it is a time-killing process. Everybody can boil water but the children should stay away from the boiled water as it has a high temperature and may burn the skin.

Many of you may ask that does boiling tap water remove chlorine? The answer is that the boiling water can’t remove solids from the water which means you can’t get rid of chlorine and lead. Again, you need to wait for cooling the water as you can’t drink direct hot water.

Extra hot water is also bad for skin and hair and you will see hair falling continuously. Moreover, the boiling process of water can’t kill all sorts of bacteria as some of the bacteria has a strong out layer.

How You Can Properly Boil Water

It’s an easy method to boil water at home or any place where fire and pot are available. So, follow the bullet points to do it properly-

  • First, take a metal pot that has a great conductivity of heat. For this, you can pick a stainless steel pot.
  • Pour water into the pot according to your need and make sure you don’t fill all of it.
  • Fire up your stove and put the pot on it and wait for some time until the water gets evaporated.
  • After that pull out the pot from off the fire and keep it at normal temperature to cool it down.
  • When the water reaches room temperature then it will be drinkable.

Analyzing Filtered Water

The water filtration system requires some process that can filtrate the tap water and removes germs and bacteria. There are many ways to filter the water and they all are effective. You can have healthy and pure drinking water after filtering it. The main purpose of filtering the water is that you can get pure water. 

Advantages of Filtered Water

The filtration system doesn’t need a long time as the boiled water needs. So, you can instantly drink water after pouring it into your filter. Again, there are no issues with the temperature also. Some people will think about boil then filter water which is not essential if you are using an ultraviolet filter. 

As there is a filtration system you can remain safe from the solids and they will be extracted from the water. Again, a filter can kill germs and bacteria. The experts also agree with the comments that- “Well filtered water is not harmful to the skin and the hair.” The pure water will also help you to digest perfectly.

Disadvantages of Filtered Water

There are no disadvantages for the filtered water. All you need to know about the time when you need to change the filter. You need to replace it when you think that it stops working.

Types of Filter

  • Mechanical (Ordinary)
  • Ultra violet
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ionic
  • Carbon Activated

The mechanical filter is very popular among offices and homes where the water doesn’t contain solids. The process of filtering is also slow compared to other types of filters.

The Ultra violet filter uses ultra violet rays to purify the water. It takes a very short time to filter the water.

Reverse Osmosis filter uses electric power to illuminate the impurities and make water pure.

Ionic based filter is featured with the latest technology of making the impurities as ions and extract them from the water.

The carbon activated filter uses carbon to purify the water which is done naturally to the groundwater. 

Difference Between Boiled and Filtered Water

You have understood that there are some sorts of differences between the boiled and filtered tap water. You need to know boiled water vs filtered water for babies and older persons. So, let’s have quick look at the table-

Boiled WaterFiltered Water
1. It requires time to boil water1. It takes less time than the boiling water to filter water
2. Can’t kill all the germs2. Can kill 99% germs
3. It can’t remove chlorine and lead from water3. The filter can remove solids from the water
4. It is cost-friendly4. This a costly method to purify water
5. Slightly harmful for skin and hair5. Not harmful for skin and hair
6. Not suitable for babies and olds6. suitable for babies and olds


1. Is it good to drink boiled water every day?

– As you know that the boiling water can kill all the germs and bacteria and it can’t remove the solids from water and so it’s not safe to drink the boiled water every day. Again, the boiling water can’t remove the iron from the water which is very harmful to the hair.

2. Can we boil filtered water?

– Yes, you can filter the boiling water after cooling it. But, you should not do that as the filter can easily purify the water by all of it. So, you can go for the filtered water for the final purification.

Additional Tips

These additional tips will inspire you to make a good habit of drinking adequate water every day. So, let’s check it out-

  • Adequate drinking of water will help your skin to remain fresh and smooth.
  • Every day you need to drink 2.7-liter water at least to get the fitness.
  • On summer days you need to drink more and more water to stay safe from dehydration.
  • Always try to drink pure water so that you don’t face any digesting problems.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have got your answer about – is boiling tap water the same as filtered water or not. From today you need to drink filtered water if you think that your drinking water is harming your body. Again, you need to make drinking water a habit as more as you can.

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