Where to place an air purifying bag for a perfect performance?

Where to place an air purifying bag

Stale air or bad fume in a house are common all around the globe. There are various s factors which add to the bad odours in your house. When you live in an area where there is extreme temperature, things become quite difficult in the closed rooms and house, and you have to go to buy an air purifier for your house.

There are various versions of air purifiers available for you in the market. All are made with different technologies, but they have one thing in common: purifying the air to remove bad odors and harmful chemicals from the air and provide you with healthy and fresh air. The charcoal bags are the most innovative, organic, and chemical-free air purifying option which you can buy in the market.

But the main question is where to place an air purifying bag in the house for optimum performance. These bags are filled with activated bamboo charcoal, which is scientifically provided to remove odors and harmful chemicals from your house without any side effects for your family members and pets. But if you don’t place in the right position, their productivity will reduce, and you won’t get the maximum out of them. You will get to know about the best place to put the air purifier bag and all about their performance and reality in this writing piece. Let’s start knowing more about the air purifying charcoal bags.

What is an air purifying bag?

An air purifier bag is a bag of cloth filled with bamboo charcoal. This bag is made of ordinary cloth which has pores to pass the air to the substance inside. There is nothing more than these two things here. The bamboo charcoal is an organic material scientifically proven to kill bacteria and remove bad odors from the rooms and the entire home.

How does an air purifying bag works?

Air purifying bags are completely safe, and you don’t have to worry about any side effects for a bad impact on your children and pets. Just hang the air purifying bags in the house in different places where you find bad odors and mold around. Allow the air to pass through the bags freely by finding a place with some air passage or has more door because of any factor.

These bags work by allowing the air to pass through the cloth and reaching towards the bamboo charcoal, and the tiny pores in the substance naturally remove the bad odors and harmful chemicals and kill bacteria from the air. You get fresh and clean air for a healthy environment.

Do air purifying bags really work?

If you have bought an air-purifying bag and are not satisfied with the work and effectiveness of the product, the fault is mostly on the human part as these bags are scientifically proven to provide the maximum results in removing bad odor and chemicals along with harmful bacteria. But when you are still suffering any of these, this is the sign that you are not tiling these bags effectively and are not placing them the way they should.

Always find a place which is 3 to 5 feet higher than the ground. Because the hot air ascends and allows the fresh air to replace it and if there is a source of bad odor or chemicals like mold or infested area the fresh air will be filled with the bad odor and harmful bacteria. When you have placed the air purifying charcoal bag at a higher place in the way of air passage, it will remove the stale smells and Bactria from the area, and you will have fresh and clean air inside.

How to use an air purifying bag?

When you want to use an air-purifying bag in your house, the best practice is finding places where you can get maximum out of these bags. The air purifying charcoal bags perform great when you hang them in the area where there is some source of causing bad odors or providing nasty smell.

When you want to know where to place an air purifying bag, three are two things which you can do. Number one is to call some professionals who cause the sophisticated devices and tell you where to hang these bags for getting maximum out of them.

And the second thing which you can do to solve this issue is to rely on your senses. Your nose can memorize 50,000 various smells, and you would get to know right away from where most of the smell is coming from. The next thing is to look for the places with the signs of mold and mildew as these places cause harmful bacteria to infect the air with infectious material to cause allergy and other health-related issues.

Your wardrobes, kitchen, and bathroom are also those places where you should hang those bags to purify the air and have a healthy life.

How long do activated charcoal bags last?

These are the robust devices, and their life is very long. These products use the all-natural substance, which is safe to use for an extended time. In most cases, these charcoal bags stay active and efficient for more than three years. All you need to do is to refresh them by placing them in the sun.

When you feel that there is a stale smell in the room or your entire house is giving off low-quality air, this means the air purifiers are not working properly, and it is time to change them. But if you feel it in the first year of buying them, this is the sign that you are not rejuvenating your air purifying charcoal bags properly. Taking care of bags will increase their life and productivity.

How long does it take for charcoal bags to work?

Charcoal bags have no fan or other equipment to attract the air and do the magic. They rely on natural airflow, and when you place them in the closed areas or the areas with the air passage, they need a minimum of 4 to 5 hours to clean and purify the air inside. When you have placed them for the first time, they will start working right away, and all the humidity, harmful chemicals, and bacteria will be treated. The activated bamboo charcoal with a porous structure will trap all the harmful substances in the air and provide you with clean and fresh air all the time.

Where to place an air purifying bag?

Where to place an air purifying bag is not a million-dollar question that you will have difficulty finding the answer. This is a simple process which you need to understand. The right place for the air purifying bag is around the area where the odors are coming from. Or when you have an air passage. The golden rule is to hang the air purifying bag above the ground minimum of 3 to 5 feet to get maximum efficiency from the product.

Best places to put the air purifying bags?

If you want to put the air-purifying charcoal bags in smaller places or areas like shoes, gym bags, or small cabinets, do it as you please. But in the bigger areas always hang the air purifying bags 3 to 5 feet above the ground and choose the area with no obstruction.

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • The kitchen
  • Cars
  • Gym bags
  • Shoes

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FAQs for the air purifying bags:

How many bags of charcoal do you need per room?

There are various sizes of charcoal bags available in the market. You can choose any of them according to your requirements. The smaller bags up to 200 grams are for shoes, small cabinets, and smaller areas. At the same time, a single large bag is enough for an average room. A single large bag is enough if you hang it above the floor in the air’s passageway to provide you bacteria and odor-free clean and fresh air in the room.

Where should I use the Pandoo Air Purifying Bag?

When you have a Pandoo charcoal box, the place to use it in the area is to hang it 3 to 5 feet above the ground and in someplace where there is a passageway of air. The Pandoo charcoal air purifying bag works great when you place it around the source of the odor.

How to refresh bamboo charcoal bags?

The bamboo charcoal bags are made to last long. But you have to refresh them every 30 days. When the bag is full of humidity, it will not work effectively. The best way to increase the bamboo charcoal’s effectiveness and efficiency is to place it in the sun and after half an hour change the side of the bag so that every area and the entire substance gets the sun treatment to the fullest.


The charcoal air purifying bags are getting more popular because of the natural substance and environmentally friendly approaches. The cloth and bamboo charcoal both are natural and safe to use around hypoallergenic people and pets. There is no harmful chemical or substance that can cause any harm to the people inside the building. The only issue with this product is getting to know where to place an air purifying bag for maximum performance. The solution is very simple, follow the simple formula and place the bags above the ground for 3 to 5 feet and in the air passageway, wait for 4 to 5 hours and let the magic begin.

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