How Often to Change Air Purifier Filter? | The Ultimate Guideline

How Often to Change Air Purifier Filter

The best air purifier is hugely beneficial for you and your family. There is no substitute for a purifier, especially for the allergy and asthma patients. Because it can separate invisible harmful elements from the air, likewise, it can remove the germs, chemical and smoke fumes. Its main work is to purify the air inside your room.

Proper care and cleaning can make a purifier long-lasting for several years. Even filters need to be replaced after some time. But how often to change air purifier filter? Well, Filter replacement depends on several factors. Among them, the type of filter and the frequency of use are more important.

This guide is written to give you all the information about an Air Purifier replacement and maintenance. Then keep reading this guide for details. 

How often to change air purifier filter?

Generally, most of the manufacturing brand suggest changing the air purifier filter every 3 to 6 months. However, due to special reasons, you can change something before or after the specified time. But it cannot be delayed beyond the recommended time. Here are some reasons you need to follow before change the purifier filter. 

  • Filter types
  • Using period
  • Air quality
  • Filter changing indicator

Filter types

There have several air filters for air purifier.  It would be helpful for a person who has enough knowledge about this.  Most importantly, replacement time may increase depending on the quality of the filter. Likewise, the time may decrease due to the purifier quality. Here are some standard filters for air purifier. 

  • HEPA filter
  • Carbon filter
  • Pre-filter
  • Permanent filter

HEPA filter:

HEPA is the first choice for the maximum people. Because it comes with long-lasting durability, most importantly, it can trap 99.9 % of households’ germs, smoke, dust and bacteria. A levoit air purifier comes with proper HEPA filter integration. So, it would be best option.

A HEPA filter can perform the best 2-3 years without any replacement. However, the manufacturer said to check out if the filter has exceptionally soiled. Then it would help if you replaced it immediately. The HEPA filter was initially created to remove radioactivity during the Manhattan Project. However, over time, HEPA has become one of the best home filters.

Carbon filter:

The popularity of a carbon filter is not less than a HEPA filter. Carbon filters are designed for 100% pet dander removing. As well as, it works great to remove the pet odors and bad smell. Good to know, a carbon filter is less useful to remove the dust, pollen and mites. Besides, this filter is long-lasting. So, it is not urgent to replace it frequently. It is good to know that some combination products of carbon and HEPA filters are also available in the market.

Permanent filter:

The permanent filter refers to filters that are easy to wash and reusable. This type of filter is very eco-friendly. But in this case, you may face a problem. Because a permanent filter can’t remove the tiny particles when washing. That is why you can go with a permanent filter for removing larger dust. Good to know that a permanent filter needs to change often for every 3 to 6 months. 


Pre-filter is a superior technology. It can reduce the dust contaminants from air and water. These are mostly used to decontaminate the air inside the car. Besides, these are seen in public building areas. These filters have to be changed very frequently.

Using period

How long your air filter lasts depends a lot on your average usage time. The more you use, the sooner you need to replace the filter. Many are operating air filter 24/7 hour without any break. Some are operating with a minimum break. And there have some people who are rarely using their air purifier. So, please keep track of how long you’ve been using it.

Air quality

Your whole environment condition is also responsible to replacement air filters for air purifiers. Each type of air purifier works to remove the particles, allergens and harmful gas. Air filters quickly lose their effectiveness in purifying the air in areas with high pollution and gas. So, everybody should concern about the local environment pollution. If your area is more polluted with the air, you will need to change the filter almost frequently. 

Filter changing indicator

There are some advanced technology filters on the market now, which comes with sensor system indicators. A kind of indicator signal will be given if excess coherence is accumulated inside the filter. You can notice the symptoms to know about the replacement time. As a result, you can understand how often to change HEPA filter in an air purifier. 

  • Allergens and dust will increase than before
  • A transparent dust cover will remain on the purifier screen
  • A hearable signal from purifier machine

Why spend money on new filters?

Many such people change their air filters without knowing it. But it turns out that maybe they need to change the filter at that moment. So, you need to be sure why you are spending money on a new filter? Is it essential at all? Here are some crucial reasons; this is why you can spend money on a new filter. 

  • The advantage of getting 100% pure air
  • To increase the purifier life-span
  • For remaining safe from asthma, dust and allergens. 
  • To prevent several acute air diseases.

Popular filter replacement periods


As a HEPA filter is the most used device for an air purifier, so it is crucial to know how often to change HEPA filter in an air purifier. For your concern, a HEPA filter can operate 12 to 18 months without any hassle. People, who use Teviot with HEPA filter have a common question that leviot air purifier’s how often change filter is? Good to note that leviot and HEPA will need similar time to be replaced with a new one. 

Do you know how often to change HEPA filter in a vacuum? Keep in mind; a HEPA vacuum cleaner should be cleaned more frequently than an air purifier. Vacuum cleaners usually absorb air pollutants and trap them inside the mesh inside the machine. As a result, the vacuum cleaner internal part can be filled with dust and 0.3-micron size particles. For this reason, you have to change the HEPA filter every six months. 

Portable Air cleaner:

From the research of EPA, you can know that a portable air cleaner can work great to purify your indoor air. Experts say to change the portable air filter every one year. It allows you to transfer it to any room in the house and use it.

Air purifier maintenance tips

A product can serve you more than the recommended life span if you can proper care of it. This factor is works similar in the case of an air purifier. If you can clean and maintain it at the right time, it will work a few more years. Here are some crucial maintenance tips for air purifier. 

  • Expert’s said to check out air purifier after a specific period
  • The place around an air purifier always should have to be clean
  • If you are using a pre-filter, then make sure to wash correctly
  • Put the air purifier in the right place of your home to absorb the maximum air
  • Always avoid keeping anything on the Purifier
  • Avoid all types of detergent and soap to clean the Purifier
  • Remember to switch off the air purifier when you want to unplug it
  • It is mandatory to switch off and turn off the plug during clean
  • A dry cloth must have to use to clean the Purifier inside
  • There is no problem to clean the purifier external part with wet or dry cloth
  • Keep in mind about the washable and non-washable Purifier
  • Check out regularly in the case of the permanent air filter

What should remember to use an air purifier

A right place is essential to put an air purifier. The right position ensures more efficient purifying. Here are a details guide on where you should set up the Purifier. Likewise, you can learn about the wrong position of an air purifier. 

Put the air purifier closer to the household odor source so that it can prevent the bad smell from home. Otherwise, the smell can spread throughout the house. 

Consider the room size:

In this case, you must remember two things. First of all, never use small Purifier for a big room because you won’t get the best clean air. Secondly, in a small room, please do not use a large or powerful cleaner because it is a waste of money and electricity. 

Avoid limited and corner space:

Most noteworthy thing is to keep in mind that air purifiers should always be placed in open areas so that it can grab the air from the top sides. It will make Air Purifier work best. Always avoid putting the air purifier in a narrow space. Likewise, never put it on the room corner. As a result, the air purifier will not be able to pull the air well. As a result, the air will not be well purified.

Never place a purifier behind furniture:

It is quite bad practice to put an air purifier under a furniture r behind the furniture. It can destroy the main motive to use an air purifier.


What happens if you don’t change your air filter?

If you don’t have remember to change the air filter at the right time, then there may have created a lot of problems. First of all, A lot of pollutants and games can be stored inside the existing filter. It will double the pollution instead of purifying your air. 
Because then the filter will not be able to absorb the new contaminants and will remove the internal contaminants. So, it isn’t right for your home. 
Second of all, Due to the accumulation of more pollution, the inside of the Purifier will get jammed, and it will not be able to continue. Which can reduce the purifier life span.

How long can you go without changing the air filter?

As per the filter type, each purifier should be changed in time. Otherwise, you may fall into several health problems. Yet if in case you can’t change the filter, then you should do it as early as possible. So, how long time can you go without changing it?
It depends on the filter quality. In the case of fiberglass filter, you don’t do late more than 30 days. On the other hand, you must have to change it within the next six months in the case of powerful filter like HEPA. 

How Often should you Replace HEPA Filters?

If you use a HEPA filter for residential purpose, then you can replace it after2-3 years. But, if a HEPA filter used for commercial areas then must try to replace once in a year. However, it is suggested to check the filter condition regular. 

Why spend money on new filters?

You need to spend money on the new filter because it can save energy up to 15%. Which is superior to control the heat temperature too. Remember, if you use a new filter, the air in the room will be purified very quickly. Also, it can increase the purifier life span. 

Final Words:

So, how often to change air purifier filter? It is a correlative matter. Your Purifier needs to change a filter depending on its type, time of use and environmental conditions. This guide is covered all about air purifier replacement. If this guide looks beneficial to you, then share with your relatives and friends.

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