How to make tap water taste better without a filter

How to make tap water taste better without a filter

The most significant element for our entire wee-being is water. Even for our survival, it is more important than food, which is quite shocking, right? Yes, without any food, our bodies can survive a few weeks. But without water, you may die within a few days. So, you can understand now how much water is essential for everyone.

But bad tasting or smelly tap water affects your everyday life. You need to tap water during cooking, brush, drinking, and more. It may occur for the filtration problem or high concentration of chemicals. So, you badly need to solve this problem. You can know how to make tap water taste better without a filter through this article. So, let’s know how to improve tap water taste.

What is the importance of the source of water?

Water is another name for life. Water plays a positive role in maintaining the balance of our health. Protecting our health, maintaining good health, staying healthy depends on water. Water is an essential ingredient in our health. Water is the most critical material in our life. 

The fundamental human right is food. Water is more important than that. Water is a critical issue in human life, without which it is impossible to survive. So it is essential to be aware of our water sources. Water is requiring in agriculture, recreational activities, industrial plants, household activities, and various environmental activities. Freshwater usually need for all human uses. 

The amount of fresh water in the world is only 2.5 percent. More than two-thirds of these 2.5 percent are glaciers, icy polar ice caps. At present, humans are water demand is much higher than the water supply in the world. You will soon notice its imbalance. 70% of the world’s water is using in agriculture. Water levels are declining as a result of population growth. Water sources are significant because human existence depends on them.

The water source required for all human activities and the water needed for other activities is not the same.

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If you don’t like the taste of water, you can follow our masterpiece tips-

During the summer, the temperature rises a lot; you need to stay hydrated at that moment. Non-caffeinated drinks or fruit juices prevent dehydration. 

Watermelon is one of the foods, and the best way is to take plain water. Water is essential for the body’s functions. There is no substitute for water to have hair, nails, and healthy skin. The body of a healthy adult needs 60% water. You must take alternative approaches if you lack the taste in drinking water.

Filters to improve the taste of water:

You can use some filters to remove the foul taste of water and improve the taste of water. These are:

Carbon Water Filter: This is an activated carbon filter. It keeps a large area active with carbon. When your water goes to the carbon surface, these tiny holes in the carbon filter start to absorb the chemical. These carbon filters play an influential role in removing contaminants, e.g., chlorine. But you cannot remove sulfates and organic microorganisms from water.

Ceramic water filter: These filters have ceramic casing with tiny holes. With this casing, the filter cleans the water. The ceramic container prevents the movement of contaminants with water. Some ceramic filters contain activated carbon for the internal filtration process. It is handy in removing all kinds of dirt and bacteria. Of course, it cannot remove tiny viruses from the water.

Alkaline water filter: This filter removes acidic substances and alkaline elements from the water through electrolytes. Many people find the water to taste bad in the presence of minerals. Minerals add pH to the water. This alkaline filter purifies your water by balancing the pH and alkali in your water. So it is unique from other filters.

Ultrafiltration system: These filters are attached to a single fiber membrane. These boys act as filters to remove microorganisms from the water. It separates viruses and bacteria from the water by placing beneficial minerals in the water.

Ultraviolet Purification: This filter uses ultraviolet rays to kill microbial viruses and bacteria in your water. It is mighty. So people use this filter almost at home. This UV filter is ideal for providing good water.

Why does my tap water taste bad?

If there has any stuff in your tap water, then your water tastes bad. This stuffs may slightly reduce the taste of your water. Hence, your water tastes highly salty, sulfuric, metallic, or bitter. Your water can taste like these because of adding completely safe or less safe compound water additives. Moreover, this can occur for your filter. There are some following reasons.

Mixing different substances in your water can cause a bad smell and bad taste. Your tap water can have a foul-smelling taste because of the presence of various wastes and chemicals in the pipes used to determine the depth of human drinking water and dense rivers.

Hydrogen sulfate can cause rotten eggs in your tap water.

The presence of salt can add saltiness to the taste. You can find the odor due to the chlorine used in the water purification process by the municipality. Mercury, lead, iron, and other metallic substances are mixed in the tap water to give a metallic taste.

How to make water taste better without adding anything

You can purify water by adding lemon or orange peel and lime to the water. One of the best tips for purifying water is mixing pineapple, watermelon, or fresh berries with water. You can also purify water by adding mint leaves, ginger, rosemary, or cilantro basil leaves.

Chlorine or chemical taste

Disinfect the water supply, the city’s water treatment adds chlorine. Though it’s not harmful can impact your tap water taste.

Bitter taste

For high concentrations of total dissolved solids or TDS can make your tap water taste bitter. Also, aged copper piping corrosion in your home can cause bitter taste tap water.

Sweet taste

Sweet-tasting water can be the result of some dissolved minerals such as calcium or iron. These are not harmful to your health.

Salty taste

High concentrations of chloride ions can cause a salty taste in tap water. Sulfates can also be the reason for it.

Dirty or fishy taste

If the water suppliers don’t eliminate the algae, it can create a dirty or fishy taste in your tap water. 

Metal taste

High dissolved metals such as magnesium, zinc, and iron can cause the metal to taste tap water.

Filters problems

Some tap water filters can lead to bad taste, such as many filters produce plastic smelled and tasted the water. Brita Water Pitcher with Filter and Zero Water Pitcher also gives bad tasting water sometimes.

  • Brita water pitcher with filter: You can taste some carbon dust if you don’t wash a Brita filter properly. To remove the carbon taste, it may take a few pitchers of water.
  • Zero Water Pitcher: Your zero water pitcher can taste acidic or fishy sometimes.

How to make tap water taste better

Regrettably, most of us have to deal with bad-tasting tap water. But the good news is that there have some solutions and tips that make your tap water better taste. And you don’t require to live with these problems. 

Reverse osmosis system

Through a multistage process to remove dissolved solids, a Reverse Osmosis system filters water. This RO system pushes water through a semipermeable membrane to eliminate TDS or Total Dissolved Solids. The most proper form of filtration is the RO system. It can remove harmful minerals. But this RO system removes the beneficial minerals also.

Ultra-filtration system

Through a single hollow fiber membrane, ultrafiltration systems force water. This membrane acts as a filter for microorganisms. It keeps potentially beneficial minerals, which the reverse osmosis system removes. And it also eliminates some parasites and bacteria viruses.

Adding ingredients in tap water

To make your tap water a better taste, you may add some water ingredients such as juicy flavors. It won’t aid in chemical exposure. You may not be able to do this all the time. But the use of cordial or syrup in your water will change the taste. You can choose your flavor, and to make your water taste much more excellent, never add much. It also reduces the impacts of chlorine.

However, here are some tips for developing the taste of water. You may add these ingredients to your water to make it taste better.

  • Add some fresh and clean mint leaves.
  • Add several squirts of lemon and lime to add sourness and a bit of taste to the water.
  • Add several slices of cucumber and for a while, let them sit in the water.
  • Add several strawberry halves and for a few minutes, let them sit in the water.
  • Add ice cubes made out of no-sugar-added juice into the water.

For any of the above and any other combination of fruits and veggies, use an infused water pitcher.

In the refrigerator, put a pitcher of drinking water overnight. You have to keep the pitcher without a top. As a result, the chlorine will evaporate, and the water will have a much better taste.

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Why does my water taste bad?

Your water is full of stuff. So your water has a bad taste. It comes in the form of water with your tap water. Tap water is high sulfur, salty, bitter, metallic, and these flavors are safe for you. Excess iron and hydrogen sulfide in the water gives a taste like rotten eggs. If a substance like runoff is mixing with water from the fertilizer mixed in the soil, it may taste.

Can you drink tap water without a filter?

In addition to water filters, some home remedies allow you to drink tap water without a filter. Fill a container with water and leave it in the refrigerator to cool for about 12 hours. You can boil water in a pot on the stove and drink it. You can purify your water without the water filter by following these two methods.

Do water filters make up tap water taste better?

The water filtration device improves the water by removing metals from the water and makes it safe to drink. If you collect water from any source, it removes all the impurities present in the water.


Refrain from drinking scented water to have safe health. You should not drink sugary water. Refrain from drinking sodas water. Drink salty, bitter, and sulfuric water filtered through a water filter. Look at the best filter on the market, buy it, and bring it home to filter the water. You can have a healthy life only because of your awareness. So, how to make tap water taste better without a filter?

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