Is activated bamboo charcoal safe?

Is activated bamboo charcoal safe

We all know that safety is better than cure. For overcoming pollution, we often use some techniques and using active bamboo charcoal is one of them. Questions may come to your mind, is activated bamboo charcoal safe? As having pure and natural stuff is one of our concerns nowadays, we need to learn about it before using it.

Using active bamboo charcoal is safe to use on some level. But we need to know that there is a limit to everything. In some particular cases, it is good to use active bamboo charcoal at an appropriate level but could be harmful in some cases.

What is activated bamboo charcoal?

Activated bamboo charcoal is created from carbon-containing materials like bamboo. We can also make active charcoal from wood and coconut. Bamboo-made charcoal has a good soaking quality that others don’t.

At first, the bamboo is cut into pieces and dried under sunlight. The pieces are burnt at a temperature between 600 to 900 degrees celsius in a closed container where there is less amount of oxygen to create the charcoal.

Depending on uses, they are kept into charcoal pieces. In case of having ashes, they are burnt for a long time.

How Does Activated Charcoal Work?

The active charcoal is processed in such a way that it contains millions of pores. When air with small particles flows through that charcoal medium, it absorbs small particles to give fresh air. Air or water containing bacteria that is a cause of odor, is absorbed by the small pores of charcoal.

Active coal breaks down bacteria and other microorganisms. Therefore, active charcoal not only filters liquid or gaseous medium but also absorbs living or non-living particles. It will work the best if a proper amount is used for a specific job.

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Is activated bamboo charcoal safe to breathe?

Activated bamboo charcoal comes in two formats. One is in granular form and the other one is in powder form. For cleaning the air, charcoal is kept in a linen bag in such a way that air flows into the bag and gets filtered through filter media.

The fresh air comes out of the bag that doesn’t contain any carbon which is safe. In the case of powder form, it can go into the respiratory system as it mixes with the air. This activated carbon can create coughing if it comes in contact with the throat. Going into the lung, it can soak fluid and create irritation.

A little amount is good to inhale under its limit. It is difficult to have pure charcoal to find. Some other dust particles may be mixed with charcoal and cause problems.

What happens if you take too much-activated charcoal?

In some places where charcoal is produced from natural ingredients, the air may contain over its normal limit. We can even see ashes in the air. Burning eyes is a symptom of having excess charcoal in the air.

Taking in a large amount of charcoal can cause serious health issues. Coughing vigorously is one of them. If it goes into the lung and respiratory tract, it can extract inner fluids and make it impossible to breathe.

If the whole inner side of the lung is covered with charcoal powder, then it might be impossible to inhale. It is advised to use masks where there are possibilities of having charcoal in the air in excess amounts.

An excess amount of active charcoal causes constipation, black stool, vomit and nausea If it goes into our stomach. It may reduce the absorption of some medications.

What are the side effects of activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is chemically active. It can react with other chemicals under proper temperature and pressure. Activated charcoal in powder form can easily come in contact with human beings.

We can come close in contact with active charcoal by air. Active carbon can store on our skin and make irritation. It can go into our respiratory tracts and create coughing. It can deposit into the lung and dry up that portion.

For a healthy person, mucus in the lung helps to get rid of carbon. It is difficult for older people, children and sick persons to get rid of active carbon. As a result, they may need oxygen to breathe in. 

Active carbon can mix with water and food and get into our digestive system. It can stay attached to the inner wall of our digestive system. After storing a lot of them it can cause serious damage.

This can create black stool, nausea, constipation, and other health-related sicknesses. It also reduces the absorption of some medications.

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What is activated bamboo charcoal used for?

Activated bamboo charcoal can be used to purify air. It can clean dust, allergens, microbes from the air. Odor can be eliminated by it. To purify water, a charcoal piece is put into water and kept for some time.
To clear some poisonous substance, active charcoal is used in some cases by doctors. It can also be used as a humidifier. It soaks excess water particles from the air and releases them when humidity falls down. Thus, you can save electricity that is required to operate expensive humidifiers.

Is activated charcoal good for your lungs?

The study has shown that Iodinated activated charcoal improves lung function in patients with moderate COPD. Here Iodine is the main ingredient that does the job.
As like dust, the activated carbon can mix with air and pollute it. This carbon can go into the lung through the respiratory system. As it is activated, it can react with water or some other chemicals. This has the property to soak water, mucus from the lung and create irritation.
This creates coughing in the first place. If it goes for a long time, ulcers can be created by it. In severe cases, cancer cells may be developed. The inner side of the lung may be covered with active carbon. In that case, breathing might be impossible which leads to death.

Is it safe to take activated charcoal daily?

Yes, it is quite safe to intake an activated charcoal supplement daily. But you have to take it according to what the physician says. People take it to get rid of hangovers. It could be a part of medication at some level.
We often have some toxins into our system by food or by breathing. Active charcoal can soak those chemicals to make us healthy and get out of our system. Some studies claim that activated charcoal causes them to lose weight and lower their cholesterol levels in blood in a good amount.


Good quality charcoal takes less time to work. Sometimes we don’t get instant output from active charcoal bags. It needs much time to purify the whole air of the house.

Among other air purifiers, bamboo charcoal is very easy to use and cheap in price. It’s a natural way to clean the environment. Carefully read the instructions of the charcoal-made medicine if it is taken as a supplementary diet.

In the case of coal toothpaste, try not to swallow them. For losing weight, consult with a doctor first.

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