Bamboo charcoal bags Legit or Scam? What Customers Are Saying

Bamboo charcoal bags Legit or Scam?

Are you concerned about the air pollution in your house? Is your kitty’s litter box spreading odor and you are conscious about your electric bill or costly air purifier? Well, having bamboo charcoal bags is the best solution for you.

Don’t think of them as a scam, it’s legit. Customers are giving positive reviews about them from their practical experience. They purify the air from dust, odor, allergens, and microorganisms. Humidification is also possible through it.

Many questions arise regarding this product. Customers and users have their own opinions through online or printed media. We are giving a review about this through customers’ opinions.

Bamboo charcoal bags, how they work?

The main ingredient of bamboo charcoal bags is active carbon. Charcoals are highly porous materials. They have so many holes in them. The charcoals are kept in a linen bag. The air flows through the linen bag and enters into the filter media. The charcoal media then extracts all the dirt, microorganisms, pollen, allergens, etc.

You can use them like a humidifier. The charcoal extracts moisture from the air and leaves dry air in the atmosphere. It can also release water parts when the atmosphere is lower in water. This is how you can save your money from buying costly air purifiers. It will save electric bills too.

The cause of odor in your house is mainly from bacteria and the food they eat. Yeah, bacteria can be extracted by charcoal and active charcoal kills them. This is how you can get rid of microorganisms.

Do bamboo charcoal bags remove dust?

Yes, bamboo charcoal bags can remove dust. Dust is a very tiny particle of any living and nonliving things that float in the air and go through it are spread all over the place. They are something that is so small that it doesn’t go away by vacuum cleaners. Therefore, it needs some special technology to remove.

Dust can go through the linen pores of bamboo charcoal bags. It can pass through the filter media. Active charcoal extracts those small dust and release fresh air. This is how you can get dust-free air.

A large room can have a lot of dust. It needs much more time for cleaning. Charcoal bags are found in different sizes. Get a large bag or a couple of small bags for a large room. 

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Does activated bamboo charcoal really work?

Yes, activated bamboo charcoal really works. Active carbon has the ability to absorb dust, pollens, allergens and air vapor. Microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, mites can mix with air and flow through it as they are very tiny. Active carbon can kill those microbes if they come close in contact with charcoal.

Some parasites stay inactive without their own hosts and start their activities when they find a suitable environment. The main point is germs must come in close contact with active carbon. Otherwise, it won’t work. Active carbon needs to be pure enough to get the job done.

In the case of water vapor, the moisture is picked up by charcoal and stored in the bag. It then releases water particles when humidity falls down. This is how it can be used as a humidifier without wasting any electricity or buying some expensive purifiers.  

Are bamboo charcoal bags Legit or Scam?

Bamboo charcoal bags are legit on some level. We know that the manufacturers demand more and consider their product as the best. This goes for other products too. Don’t fall for any scam and be realistic. Level promises are not always true.

Decide firstly what your purpose is for buying it. If you want to purify the air of the room, then give some time to pass the whole air to pass through bamboo charcoal bags. It may take one day or two to do the whole job. In case of cat litter box odor, it is required to clean the litter on a regular basis along with using bamboo charcoal bags.

In case of using it as a humidifier, electric air humidifiers will work fast compared with charcoal bags. It needs sufficient time to extract water vapor into charcoal as the volume of the beg is much smaller than the whole room. 

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How to refresh bamboo charcoal air purifying bags

Bamboo charcoal air purifying bags have active charcoal in them. After using for a long time, the activity of charcoal decreases. The funny fact is, you don’t need to buy a new bag right now. The bag can be activated at your home without any cost.

Keep the bag under the Sun for an hour to be activated. The UV ray of sun will do the rest of it. In case of cloudy days, you can use UV lights that are easily available in the market and are not costly.

If the bags are not working after using those for a couple of years, then you may consider buying a new one.

What are the benefits of bamboo charcoal?

Different charcoal has its own qualities. It is observed that different charcoal from different sources has different properties. The main purpose of using charcoal is to absorb micro particles. For this reason, the thing that has more capillary holes is used. Compared to other charcoal, bamboo has much more pores in them.

Bamboos are available in abundance to many countries like South Asia. They are available for cheap.


It’s always a good thing to have customers’ opinions before buying a new product. It really helps you in many ways. You can have reviews regarding a specific product through online or print media.

So many scams are available nowadays. Therefore, it is difficult to find the actual information regarding any product. The best way is to have information from friends, family and known people. In that case, the bamboo charcoal bags are made of natural substances, and it is biodegradable.

In these days of air pollution, people are worried about their health. People are throwing garbage all around us that is polluting our mother nature. Therefore, it is wise to buy products that are natural and the waste is biodegradable.

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