Is Air Purifier Good for a Newborn Baby? | Updated Guide

Is air purifier good for a newborn baby?

Is air purifier good for a newborn? Every Conscious parents interested to know about it. HEPA and carbon filter integrated purifier is best option for a newborn child. It is a crucial device to provides clean air for your child. Remember that air purifier will be safe when you have a charcoal HEPA filter because the charcoal filter can purify the air without creating ozone gas. 

But between an air purifier and humidifier, which would be better for a newborn baby? When can you understand that a baby needs an air purifier? You can know all of the secrets from this guide. As well as, this guide has covered the purifier advantages. A newborn kid will safe from several breaths of air polluted disease. 

It is the most updated guide about an air purifier for baby. You will get the truthful information about an air purifier for a newborn. So, keep reading to learn more. 

The reason why regular air is problems for babies

We can’t even think how much dust is roaming in the air around us because this dust has not seen with open eyes. Mainly, there have pet dander, allergens, bacteria and small harmful particles combined into the air. Due to the polluted air, the health of everyone, big or small, is being harmed. 

But it is terrible for newborns. Let’s find out what can be the problem of survival from polluted air. 


It is the most terrible for your newborn baby. Generally, the air has a large number of allergens. The pollen, fungal spores and house dust are some common airborne allergens. 


If you smoke regularly in your home, then it is not suitable for the health of the newborn baby. There have harmful hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide contaminate in the cigarette. Besides, the cooking smoke spread carcinogenic and mutagenic. 


The mite is one of the most common air pollutants for home. Remember that we have more of these under our sofas, carpets and beds. This airborne pollutant can cause shortness of breath in newborn children. Even living for a long time can lead to infection in the lungs. 

Pet dander:

Naturally, you may have a pet cat or dog. But from pet fur and dander the tiny dust spread contaminated particles into the air. So, your newborn baby may affect by this pet dander too. 

The benefits of an air purifier for newborn

Good to know that babies’ lungs are developing. So, it can be affected by air dust quickly than an adult person. This is why a child is affected easily than adult person. Keep in mind, internal air condition is much pollutant than the outside. The reason is that once contamination enters the house, it cannot be easily removed. 

In this case, if you have a good air purifier, your newborn can stay healthy. Have a look to the below health benefits of an air purifier. 

  • It can remove all harmful pollen from the indoor air to keep your kids healthy
  • It can remove all pollutant particles including virus and bacteria from the air
  • The mold spores, pet dander, smoke and home dust will remove within.
  • Air purifier works good to reduce the headache.
  • Quite useful for reducing the dust allergies for newborn and adult
  • There have very few chances of growing respiratory dysfunction
  • Also, reduce the chances of asthma and bronchitis
  • It can keep safe the newborn from cancer which creates from harmful chemical

The working process of an air purifier

Do you know how does an air purifier work to remove the air pollutant? We have to know there has a lot of dust are floating with the air. And the terrible things, we are taking this harmful air each second. An air purifier can reduce most of the dust. So, how it works? Let’s know. 

An air purifier filters the pollutant air and supplies to your home. So you will enjoy the pure air. The air purifier uses some advanced technology to remove dust from the air. 

Any air purifier will be the first to pull the contaminants into your home. After then, the purifier machine apart from all the dust with a powerful filter machine. In the next step, it stores the dust, virus and bacteria into the filtration net or paper. And this process will run continuously. So that fresh air can operate continuously.

Types of air purifier filter

There are many types of cleaners available in the market. Here is some significant filter. You have to know which filter type will be best for a newborn baby. 

  • Iconic filter
  • HEPA filter
  • Carbon filter 
  • Ultraviolet radiation

HEPA filter:

In this method, the air will be pulled by the purifier machine. And apart from the dust and particles by a paper filter. The exciting matter is that the dust can’t come back from the HEPA filter. Most importantly, it can capture up to 99% of dust particles from your room. But it not best for an odor removing. 

Experts said that HEPA filter is the best for a newborn baby. Because it can filter with an excellent system, it is why you will get the purest air.

Carbon filter:

A carbon filter can capture the dust and foul smell from your home. So, you can get multiple benefits from a carbon filter. 

Ionic filter:

Ionic filter sends ions to the air. This ion works to stick the dust. As a result, the dust and particles turn into a larger size. And fall into the dust collecting plate. 

Ultraviolet radiation:

It works by radiation called non-lethal. This radiation is safe for your baby and other members. All of the harmful particle’s cells will break by this radiation. As a result, these dust, virus and bacteria loss efficiency. 

Reasons for using an air purifier inside the home

Many of us think that there is less air pollution inside the house. But the reality is different. We have the most air pollutants inside our homes. But what is the reason behind this? Well, you have to know that the outside dust and pollen can move from here to there because there have wind, rain and other adverse weather. 

But what happens inside our house? When we come back into the home with several needed things, we also bring some virus and bacterial. Also, we have carried dust and pollen. And for our security, most of the time we have closed the door and window. As a result, the inside bacteria, virus and dust can’t go outside. And it starts to pollute the home air. 

It is why you need an air purifier inside of your home. Must try to select a perfect cleaner for family use. Especially, notice on the filter quality for baby air purifier. 

We are considering features when choosing a purifier for newborn baby.

In the case of choosing an air purifier for baby congestion, there has some crucial consideration. Because all of the cleaners are not safe for your baby, it is tested and proven that two air purifiers are safest for a newborn. Luckily, these two-air filter will keep your baby healthy and provide safety from harmful chemicals. 

  • Carbon filter purifier
  • HEPA filter purifier

Activated carbon filter has two excellent benefits. First of all, it can reduce the maximum dust from home inside. Secondly, it can remove the odor and foul smell from home. Besides, it can reduce harmful organic air components. You can pick up a levoit air purifier within the minimum price. If you are wan to get more advanced one, then try to pick up a Dyson air purifier. 

On the other hand, the HEPA filter comes with impressive safety features for your baby. HEPA is also known to be the best cleaner for kids’ health protection. Its fancy quality is that it can filter the smallest pollution anyone can. You will wonder to know that HEPA can capture less than 0.3-micron particles. 

Also, HEPA filter paper is of high density. As a result, it can find out about 99% of the home dust. Remember that the HEPA filter comes with an ionizing system. The user should get off this option when not needed because it may be harmful to a little child. 

The risky factors of an air purifier

Here have some air purifier comes with risky factors. For example, the ozone generator air purifier is one of them. Although this type of filter can reduce air pollutants, there have several harmful effects on your health. 

It isn’t charming when you can learn that your air purifier can release ozone gas with the air purify. We know ozone can prevent the harmful UV rays from the atmosphere. But ozone gas is not good at all for home. 

Likewise, the ionic air purifier could be harmful as like an ozone generator filter. So, must avoid these two types of filter for your baby. 

  • It can increase the breathing respiratory
  • You may feel chest pain frequently for the ozone
  • The cough and short breath problem may occur
  • It can make you feel thirsty
  • Your immunity power may decrease
  • It can cause long-term problems like asthma

Safety tips for reducing the air pollutants inside the home

Stop the smoking habits inside the home because there has your baby

  • Avoid using carpets that can hold more dust and mold
  • Use natural homemade cleaner for home instead of chemical
  • Keep some indoor plant which can reduce the air particles.
  • Avoid the ionic and ozone generator air filter
  • Set up or install an air purifier in the right place
  • Turn off the air purifier after a specific period 

An air purifier VS humidifier

A most common question is “baby air purifier vs humidifier” which is best? Many parents want to know about the difference and similarities between air purifier and humidifier. Even there has a lot of search for humidifier as like best air purifier for baby UK and USA. Each device are different in features and functions. So, it would help if you had both for a specific need. 

An air purifier is designed for cleaning or purifying the indoor air. It can provide pure air inside the whole home. As well as, the purifier can remove the foul odors and smells from home. On the other hand, a humidifier is designed for controlling the humidity level of your home. 

So, there is no confusing thing between these. Also, you can’t use one of these as an alternative of another. Each of these devices is individual from their aspects. 


Is an air purifier safe for my newborn baby?

Every loving parent thinks first about their baby’s safety. For your concern, all of the air purifiers are found in the market are not safe for the baby. Health researchers say that when buying cleaners, you must have an idea about the filter. Proper filters can give you pure air. The two safest filters, in this case, are activated carbon and right HEPA.

Is there any combo package with an air purifier and humidifier?

Yes, there have several combo devices. Some companies have released best air purifier and humidifier for baby room. You can pick up this package to avoid the hassle of using the individual device. You will get a different switch and controlling option to operate this combo device.

How can I improve the air quality in my baby’s room?

You need to follow some rules to improve the air quality of the baby room.

> Check the air quality of the baby’s room regularly
> Use a HEPA or carbon filter integrated purifier
> Use homemade cleaner for room cleaning
> Ensure the proper humidity
> Try to ensure the sunlight into the room
> Replace the new carpet and window net 

Final Words:

Hopefully, you understand now that is air purifier good for a newborn baby? Lastly, we can say that air purifier is quite suitable for newborn except for the ozone generator filter. 

Suppose you want to buy an air purifier. In that case, it is highly suggested by health expert to choose a purifier with HEPA air purifier and carbon filter because both of these are suitable and safe for newborn babies. 

If this post seems helpful to you, then you can share it with other friends and family members. I hope you will be happy with a perfect air purifier for your newborn baby. 

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